Draekon Fire Exiled To The Prison Planet Dragons In Exile

Crazy jungle planet Killer orange fungus Crimson snakes in the water The worst part? While I was in a coma I seem to have acquired two dragon mates When I wake from my coma the first thing I see are two hot aliens And I’m informed that they’re my mates I don’t think so This isn’t the story of Sleeping Beauty and the two sexy possessive Draekons aren’t my fairy tale princes I’m certainly not going to wake up kiss them and live happily ever after on this stupid prison planet where everything’s out to kill me Not happening Not even if they heal me from my injuries and nurse me back to health Not even if they protect me care for me and keep me safe Not even if their abs could grace the cover of every men’s fitness magazine back home Sleeping Beauty isn’t going to kiss her Draekons She’s going to find a way back home Draekon Fire is the second book in the Dragons in Exile series It’s a full length standalone science fiction dragon shifter MFM menage romance story featuring a snarky human female and two sexy aliens that are determined to claim their mate No MM Happily ever after guaranteed

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