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A Steamy Political ThrillerBroad shouldered Richard Burke has sacrificed a normal life chasing the next big story as a reporter On rest from two years overseas he's approached by the CIA in an effort to turn his next big story into a spy mission The end game Cuba and the take down of the CastrosEnter the alluring Magdelena with her ex revolutionary past and scars to prove it She's not faring well under Castro's communism doing laundry for rich patrons under the punishing supervision of Cuba's internal spy network She's looking for an out for love to feel again Richard Burke is exactly what she wants and nothing she needsThrown together torn apart betrayed and beaten the lovers must overcome years of political animosity to beat the odds Can they really afford to choose each other or will their love come at the ultimate price?

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book Colleen describes Magdalena and Burke's world in the most perfect way I will say that some scenes are hard to read but I appreciate that in a book Colleen gives light to many topics that people shy away from but that we should all be aware of This book made me happy blush cry get angry and even scream in frustration I can't wait for the next one

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    Full disclosure I was an early reviewer for this book Like early earlyPassionate Spicy Exotic Like a shaker of coconut rum mixed with orange juice MNMC is multi faceted mixed genre and goes down smooth This tortured love story between Magdalena former Cuban rebel and Burke American journo is a bodice ripping espionage thriller Spanning a story that crosses history it follows their romance across the torturous passage of time and two countries It’s one of those books that asks you to reach into your soul to fall in love with loveCan’t recommend enough