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Jillian Milzner has lived a life on the run Her biological sperm donor has made it clear he wishes she'd never been born Most kids get presents from their dads growing up He sent thugs to make death threats to ensure she never tries to find him He needn't have bothered since she wants nothing to do with Decon Fil His father however thinks Jill might be useful Things go from bad to worse when her grandfather's goons snatch her up to deliver her to a man both terrifying and straight out of her sexiest daydreamsLord Aveoth isn't surprised to hear from Decker Fil The man is desperate to make the GarLycan lord call off the hunt for his life and equally determined to reclaim his VampLycan clan To achieve both goals he'll offer Aveoth yet another half human granddaughter from his bloodlineIt's lonely being a lord of a clan so Aveoth agrees to the meeting and he's instantly attracted to Jill He's also angry to learn she's been brought to him against her will but he still wants to keep her Even if it exposes his darkest secret which could tear his clan apart

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