The One Westerner Who Didnt Talk Too Much MOBI ✓

This book is the screenplay format of the story An action suspense movie for the 'thinking man' The terrorism in US plot is about an assassination attempt with an antitank missile on the daughter of the US President as she drives to her college graduation ceremony Meanwhile a broader feeling of retribution and justice pulsates through the story Why? A similar movie would be The Day of the Jackal though The One Westerner has an American context and greater psychological depth of characterization Meanwhile the all American hero who foils the plot is something of a lovable maverick in the tradition of Die Hard The assassin is known to be a white British Muslim but his true full identity is only revealed in the very last scene and in a way which now proves how this taut action suspense story has the literary depth which is associated with a Greek Tragedy Here is a screenplay which combines broad mass appeal with high literary standards

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