It Happened One Haunting Karmic Consultants Book 2 PDF

Love doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance Billionaire hotel magnate Wyatt Haines doesn’t believe in ghosts or anything that stretches his definition of normal Unfortunately his new Victorian inn appears to be extremely haunted and his only hope for evicting the ghosts and opening on time is the snarky ghost exterminator who’s been shunning normalcy ever since she started seeing ghosts as a kid Jo Banks just wants to get the job done and get far away from the uptight materialistic and irritatingly sexy Wyatt But when her extermination goes awry Wyatt winds up with two prankster ghosts inhabiting his body and haunting him This skeptic is going to have to start believing in ghosts—and Jo—fast Especially when every time he falls asleep the mischievous ghosts take over turning his perfectly ordered life into chaos With Jo’s mojo on the fritz when they need it most they’re stuck with one another until they can figure out how to unhaunt Wyatt and his inn Preferably before his spirit is permanently separated from his mouth watering body And before her heart is permanently attached to the most sexy frustrating normal man she’s ever met Previously released as THE GHOST EXTERMINATOR

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