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Michael is called of God just not that GodWhat begins as a routine investigation of a hijacked truck turns into a desperate and personal quest for memories faith and meaning The answers to these for Michael Oswald like the strangled cries of a thousand murdered travelers is found in the dark heart of an ancient cult of killers Literary and dark What Immortal Hand is a road trip across American wastelands and into the depths of spiritual darkness where the Dark Mother Kali has set up house in the New World and her children the Thuggee cult of ancient India are alive and thrivingWell researched and imagined in the tradition of Dan Simmons’ Song of Kali throbbing with symbolism and epic undertones What Immortal Hand answer’s William’s Blake famous question from The Tyger “What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry?” It is the Goddess Kali consort of Shiva Lord of Destruction Through her worshipers the Faithful Tigers—The Thugs of old she culls the roads of travelers and prepares the fires of renewal

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    What Immortal Hand by Johnny Worthen is a brilliant novel It’s a cross between Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and vintage Stephen King It’s literary horror but are the main character’s visionsfever dreams proof of his madness or is he being shown the future and the past by Kali the Goddess of Death?Michael Oswald is a tough investigator going down a dark road A mystery to find a missing person becomes a personal journey as Michael learns about his demonsThe main character is extremely well crafted the writing is impressive and engaging The story pulled me into the Nevada badlands at 90 miles an hour It made me think and wonder and want to read I loved it