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'One of the few books that is actually going to make a difference to your life'As you read 'The Workplace Prince' you will feel empowered on the uestion of how to win back your sanity at work What sets this book apart is that it goes way beyond the twee 'positive thinking' basics of so many publications of self improvement It has a mischievous bite The arguments are partly influenced by ideas of shrewd statecraft from Machiavelli's classic The Prince Therefore it enjoys both high literary standards and mental rigor Yet the style of the writing is also accessibly humorous and its down to earth examples from everyday life are straightforward The book can be enjoyed by anyoneHere the reader is not baffled by weak grammar and trendy psychobabble Instead the well written pages often use gentle wit to draw out the deeper irony and ethical significance of routine events at work When an argument is intellectual it is delivered in a clear stylish and articulate way which keeps the book from from sounding too heavyThe topic of how to swim safely in the shark tank of the modern workplace is discussed realistically and with healthy and very very funny cynicism For Jon Lee Junior the universe operates through morality and to some degree every action is either wisely good or willfully bad Therefore this is a book for those people who want to be both morally decent and socially accepted on one hand but also smart and successful on the other

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