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Being dead isn’t as easy as you thinkTied to the cemetery where her remains came to rest the ghost of Zoey Harris is stuck The only bright spot in her miserable afterlife is that every October she gets to visit her daughter It’s typically a quick fly by to see what costume she’s wearing for Halloween but this year the five year old can not only sense her mother’s essence she can see her The adventure begins when Zoey grows confident in her newfound haunting abilities and decides to sneak a peek and see what her husband has been up toUntil death do us part was all Caleb promised To have the specter of his dead wife reappear the moment he finds the courage to take off his wedding band is the stuff nightmares are made of Their daughter loves it when Zoey drops by each fall but he’s tired of the sadness and grief Caleb needs even if it means chaining Zoey to her headstone for all eternity

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    What a lovely story A ghost is sticking around on earth because she can’t bear to leave her daughter The ghost has lessons to learn before she can move on For a short story this has been packed with all sorts of goodies Love loss and healing I found all the characters well developed and the story extremely well written I loved the humor I recommend Aubrey Lane’s book wholeheartedly