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The Perfects rule Ridgeview High and nerdy Rachel Lord is obsessed with everything about them their perfect hair perfect clothes perfect boyfriends perfect livesBut after Rachel gets into an accident while searching for a missing friend she wakes up in the body of Dani Maguire her former best friend who dumped her for the Perfects long ago As Rachel struggles to live her life as Dani she finds out the life of a Perfect isn't so perfect after all And as she learns the long buried secrets responsible for her out of body experience Rachel discovers she is powerful than she could have ever imaginedand that power beats perfection every time Librarian's note See alternate cover edition of ASIN B073T7TNYP here

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    arc generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewI had so much fun reading this book This is seriously good It wasn't even published yet and I'm already desperate to read the second book It was like watching a Disney moviea better Freaky FridayRachel's friend Janey was missing She decided to look for her herself She had an idea where she might be so she planned to get there On her way there she had an accidentand she woke up in Dani's body her former friend and one of the perfects Perfects are those queen bee type of highschool girls the pretty famous and mean girls Since she's Dani on the outside she had to pretend to be a perfect And that's where the fun starts LOLI loved Rachel She's so gutsy She told Luke Dani's boyfriend that she's Rachel without even batting an eyewell actually she did but you get the picture After that confession the two just became so close and cozy Like their friendship was so cute you'd want one like themUgh I really need book two I know there's a lot to happen And I want Luke and Rachel I wish they'd just end up together Gosh the anticipation is killing me