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Sensual Love Novella Cho Won was used to being judged on sight Built like a samurai linebacker and tattoo’d from chest to elbow when Cho Won walked into a room everyone thought twice Everyone but Sky When Cho Won accidently walked into a formal event wearing nothing but shorts and a tank top Sky didn’t see what the problem was In her eyes Cho Won didn’t look dangerous he just needed help so she stepped up How could he ever forget the brown bombshell that helped him when no one else would How will he ever repay her kindness?

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    On a whim I decided to give this story a try and was pleasantly surprised The characters were very down to Earth and their chemistry was fun I liked the comparison to Duane Johnson an Asian version Helped me to visualize Chow Won much better The story also gave me some ideas of my own to use on my girlfriend I do believe she will approve and probably insist I read from this authorI'm neither brown or Asian and you don't need to be to enjoy this story I'd definitely recommend reading this if you're looking for a fun light read I actually found myself wanting than just the 70 pages This has become my new guilty pleasure