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A nursing job in Holland was the only way Lavinia Hawkins could ensure a home and security for herself and her young sister Peta Yet within weeks of arriving she was married to the devastatingly handsome Professor Radmer ter Bavinck Radmer had assured Lavinia that the marriage would be on a friendly basis only He needed a kind stepmother for his daughter and a competent housekeeper to run his home It seemed to be the ideal arrangement—for everyone except Lavinia

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    4 12 stars Reasons to love RadmerHe is forthright It seemed to me that since we liked each other on sight it would be silly to go through the preliminaries but if you prefer that I'll call you Miss Hawkins for a week or two erase from my mind the sight of you in Sibendina's dressing gown and drop you off at the next bus stopHe likes curvy girls You just go on eating he said forcefully I like to be able to tell the front of a woman from her back those skeletal types teetering round on four inch heels don't appeal to me He is kind to Lavinia's sister PetaReason to be annoyed with RadmerHe sells Lavinia short at first You're sensible your feet are firmly planted on the ground You will never be tempted to reach for the moon my dearAnd I like Lavinia In spite of being a little plump and with a face which was neither plain nor pretty she is kind and fairly even tempered accepting Radmer's compliments with aplomb although she isn't certain whether he is serious or notI love how she matter of factly accepts his proposal in front of witnesses at the hospital dishing him out some of his own medicine as it were And then immediately leaves without giving him a chance to even speakI quite enjoyed this delightful book which is a bit different from the usual Betty No evil OW or OM only mildly angsty in the last couple of chapters before the denouement I remember being fond of this one and it's gratifying to learn that it held up for me