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I’ve fallen in love twice in my life The first time I was nineteen Naïve Passionate Willing to believe fairy tales existed The choices I made for love back then ruined my ballet career destroyed my dreams and left my heart shattered I survived by closing myself off to any possibility of repeating the same mistakes This time I’m forty nine Older Wiser Unwilling to give up my independence and risk losing myself again But this city girl has never danced with a cowboy before and his rugged good looks and gentle charm are threatening to tumble the walls I’ve built around my fragile heart The past has a way of coming back around though and sometimes we can’t escape the mistakes we’ve made This standalone novel in the Tales Behind the Veils series is a roller coaster ride of emotions with parallel love stories that prove love is a risk no matter what age you are

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    When I started this book I had not read anything else by Violet Howe My discovery of this author was nothing short of amazing This book was just the easy read I needed while on vacation and I immediately was swept away by the characters and settings Violet easily performs flashbacks throughout the story giving further insight just when it is needed to explain a part of the plot The main character Maggie finds herself with mixed emotions when she meets Dax and begins to fall for him The flashbacks easily explain Maggie's struggles from her past and how she has always dismissed love Dax helps her see how the past is the past and he can be her future All of this transpires while Maggie is helping her wedding planning daughter in law plan her daughter's wedding What happens with Maggie can only be told at the ending which is both surprising and heartwarming I highly recommend this book if you want a wide array of emotional experiences and a great sense of romantic ideas

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    Loved this addition to the Tales Behind the Veils world Maggie is an engaging well rounded character and after the first chapter you need to know how this love story ends for her Filled with flashbacks humor a sexy love interest and heart warming cameos from the Diary of A Wedding Planner series I highly suggest this novel and hope for I have been following this author from the start and have never been disappointed with one of their novels Love love love

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    I really enjoyed this book especially how the main character's past was woven in with her present There were also a few times when I thought it was suspenseful even though it isn't a mystery I liked how Violet made Maggie a complex character She wasn't one dimensionalI recommend this book because it is fun and interesting