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Greg Gil fought hard against returning to Hershey PA He has trouble breathing in a town with so many Morrisons running around Janine Morris a woman as deeply entrenched in secrets and special military skills as him only adds to his discomfort Keeping his family safe is his number one goal So why do Janine’s haunted amber eyes keep enticing him to throw away all his cares and concerns to join forces with a woman who could bring all his enemies right down on the Morrison Family?

10 thoughts on “Shadows and Spice The Morrison Family book 5

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    Cute Story don't know if i liked it as much as some of the others but still really good Wish that it would have explained the island relatives a little and how they would fit into the family later but still good

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    Different from the previous books in the series Though I liked having Janine Greg's story it was way different Seemed like too many coincidences far fetched ideas BUT I LOVE the Morrison family so it was OK