How can TAKE YOUR NOVEL TO THE NEXT LEVEL help you? Award winning author Marjorie Reynolds offers powerful techniques you may not have encountered in other how to manuals and expands upon some that need emphasis Using her novels THE STARLITE DRIVE IN and THE CIVIL WARS OF JONAH MORAN published by William Morrow and Berkley along with other novels as examples she will introduce you to tools that successful fiction writers both literary and commercial use In 2011 and 2016 HarperCollins republished THE STARLITE DRIVE IN The New York Times Book Review said “Marjorie Reynolds tidily explores the gap between fantasy and reality” in THE STARLITE DRIVE IN and Publishers Weekly wrote “Reynolds once again proves herself a sure handed storyteller” in THE CIVIL WARS OF JONAH MORAN In TAKE YOUR NOVEL TO THE NEXT LEVEL you’ll learn how to breathe life into characters and color a scene with sight sound smell touch and taste It will guide you through setting characters plot scenes conflict emotion suspense tension climax and resolution while taking you up the ladder to advanced skills such as subtext and the echo technique Most importantly you’ll learn how to put your reader into the scene not just as an observer but a witness to the dramatic action Drawing upon thirty years as a journalist and novelist she’ll teach you how to write compelling fiction at a higher level