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This novel contains instalovelust Imagine if the television show Friends was on Skinemax You would have TameTame is Club Dahlia Miranda and Evan in one editionHow much do you think you can take?DahliaDishabille The state of being only partly or scantily clothed It's the perfect name for Miranda Marchand's nightclub For her brother Alexander Marchand it is the perfect place to find women who can fulfill his every desire While his kinks aren't uncommon his affections run too fast and too deep for the cautious and aloof He has given up on finding the one who can embrace his impulsivenessFor Dahlia Warwick Club Dishabille is the gateway to a sensuous new world A world she craves Dahlia meets with Miranda with a seemingly simple task To help her find a man who would be patient enough to guide her through her submissive fantasies but not dismiss her fears Miranda knows that Dahlia is not one for play that doesn't involve her heart and she knows only one man who could guide and teach her to worship and to love herIt's a rapid awakening for both Alex and Dahlia quickly laying trust and intimacy on the tableDahlia spanks the genre of romance and gives the readers the hearts and flowers they love and only the palest of pink bottoms It is an erotic tale for those who aren't looking for Cinderella or Prince Charming It is a feast for those who want it a little bitrougherI wonder if I should take you apart slowly bit by bitMirandaMiranda is a story of transitions Miranda Marchand manager and proprietor to Club Dishabille has a bit of a secret She's not ashamed but she'd rather not have to explain herself to men she might bring to her bed A chance meeting in a secluded hallway with one Nicholas Jones ex husband of Dahlia Warwick exposes her turgid secret It transformed her opinion about future possibilities She wants Nick She wants to see how far she can push him She wants him on his kneesNick can't get enough of her While he indulges Miranda he has his own transformation that takes him kicking and screaming into a functioning sexual relationship and he learns to let go of deeply held guilt from his previous marriageMiranda is an epicurean adventure for those who are ready for a bit than just a spanking and some erotically hot kinkIs this what you want?YesHow hard?Until it hurtsEvanEvan takes us on a lustful journey of near obsession past the normal niceties of sex and romance We are treated with a tiny intense glimpse into the mind of Jefferson Rainier A mind both intricate and simple He knows the rules but doesn't always seek to understand them He's a sexual savant but his day job working in a tech field never earns him a second glance With a little help from Alex and Dahlia he's noticed for the first time by the woman who occupies his mind relentlesslyEvan Monroe is looking for in her life but is unconvinced there is such a thing She is bored and unnecessarily jaded But she'll try anything once twice if you begged She is charmed by Jeff's smile and entranced by his quirks that most everyone else in his life has refused to accept Jeff is a force and she is than happy to be consumedEvan tries to define love but by the end you will learn that it is only the tip of the iceberg

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    This is a refreshingly different trilogy of love stories the characters are engagingly likeable and not your regular Alpha male roles These are your average everyday nerdy guy's but oh so sweet The storyline is definitely sexy with a good dose of kink But you can sense the reality of these people though Ms Aoide's writing My favourite is Force Majeure I loved Jeff Evan I would recommend this book as intelligent kinky in the moment humorous and fun read