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From USA Today Bestselling Author WHEN HE FALLS Maggie I thought I had found the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with – until he ran off with my best friend on our wedding day I had to get away from it all my meddling mother the cheating couple of the year and the embarrassment of being stood up at the altar My sister’s house in San Francisco is the perfect escape I can get lost in a big city where nobody knows who I am where I can mend my broken heart in silence But someone crashes my pity party Zach Faustino was the quiet boy who lived next door ten years ago He was my first kiss and if a young heart can be trusted my first love That was before he and his mother left without saying goodbye Ten years have shaped him into an irresistible charming young man But the same ten years have also sharpened his edges his dark past paving the way to a career that could end in a heartbeat And despite it all Zach hopes to change my mind about giving love another chance But is a broken heart a willing heart? And if we’re both broken is a second chance at love enough to fix us?

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