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Robert Cantwell engages the historical background commercial origins internal workings and cultural and social significance of popular old time music to provide a uniue musicological and sociological perspective Well versed in the history of the tradition and as interested in those who listen to the music as in those who create it Cantwell links bluegrass to its hillbilly roots in Appalachia and shows how the music was transformed by African American folk traditions the influence of jazz ragtime blues and country music; and the growth of radio and recording technology

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    An entertaining examination of bluegrass music and culture for the non scholar If you are interested in bluegrass music and culture of music making in the Appalachian South this book is worth picking up If you are an academic or scholar in music studies remember this book is from the perspective of a folklorist interested in music as culture than an actual analysis of music At any rate this book is highly entertaining for what it is and certainly worth looking at

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    I love how a deep intelligent take on something can shed light in other places Cantwell's Bluegrass Breakdown is a fascinating look at Bill Monroe and how he created not only the old Southern sound aka bluegrass but also the very idea of the old Southern sound As such it is not only about music but also about the influence of history and individuals upon the creation of culture the business of music and by extension so many other relevant topics including race and class I would recommend this book to anyone interested in any type of popular music but it's especially relevant to country music I first read this book in the 1990s but when I picked it up recently I was blown away all over again

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    Robert Cantwell AM'67AuthorFrom our pages Spring86 This book won the ASCAP Deems Taylor award for 1985