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In this book children from all around the world remember their past lives and eminent scientists explain how many of these children's stories have been followed up to verify whether their statements have any foundation in fact Incredibly when subjected to scientific investigation children's memories about their past lives can invariably be confirmed in every detailSupported by overwhelming scientific evidence the children's stories in this book suggest that reincarnation is a reality for us all Whether they are from England Europe the USA Lebanon South Africa Israel India Brazil Sri Lanka or Turkey children who have lived before offer us insights into our global future as well as profound messages from our collective past This book is a must for anyone interested in the subject of reincarnation'Trutz Hardo presents convincing evidence on reincarnation that will even give the toughest sceptic much to think about I hope that finally many readers will learn the truth of reincarnation' Elizabeth Kübler Ross author of 'On Death and Dying'

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    This book owes most of its content to the paranormal researcher Dr Ian Stevenson The uncanny and unexplainable by conventional science coincidences of children verbally relating to and referencing the circumstances and relationships of their former incarnations is described in detail Incredibly birthmarks scars and disabilities appear in the newly born to mirror corresponding physical injuries wounds and afflictions suffered by their former personalities Although Stevenson left the door open for explanations other than reincarnation Hardo is an unabashed reincarnation propagandist and leaves no doubt where he standsMost of the cases presented concern individuals from cultures whose religious beliefs embrace reincarnation Also most of those who reincarnate do so in proximity to where they lived previously Another curiosity is that although other researchers have indicated that souls usually take from several years to several decades to reincarnate many of these reincarnations occur within weeks or months of death One takes place within days soon after the baby has been born It also seems significant that most of the reincarnated had met with violent or gruesome deaths Another commonality in these cases was poverty and little or no education I would have liked to have balanced material by case histories being presented from Western cultures and subjects who died in conventional circumstances or who reincarnated cross culturallyThe author Trutz Hardo is an advocate for and practitioner of regression therapy After all the case material has been given he ends the book with two insightful and challenging sections entitled The Influence of Reincarnation at a Personal Level 14 concise items and The Influence of Reincarnation on Society as a Whole also 14 items These points are arguably utopian in that they pretty much proclaim the solution to all personal and social problems by the world adopting reincarnationism That beggars the uestion Why are reincarnationist mostly Eastern cultures just as greedy unjust dishonest and warlike as non reincaranationist mostly Western ones? However the points he offers are well worth considering by reincarnationists or anyone who is supportive of reincarnationist cultures It would do the world a lot of good if put into actionThis is a fascinating goosebumpy presentment People who are strongly resistant to reincarnationism would feel conflicted by the material presented in this book Some would find outs by attributing the stated facts to the subjects being delusional or subjected to demon possession or thought transference But that won't explain away the physical facts as described and shown photographically

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    The title of this book is self explanatory Children Who Have Lived Before is about reincarnation and in particular about children who remember their past lives Cases where children say things like you're not my real mum or why am I a girl this time? and I have a husband and 3 children in the town of XYZ take me there In some cultures this is acceptable and their cases are verified by testing the children's knowledge of the previous life as with the Dalai Lama However in other cultures their behaviour is ignored often discouraged and sometimes even punishedThis is a topic I'm very interested in and one that gives me goosebumps when I hear a good story A Facebook friend recently posted that her son walked past her dancing with her husband in the kitchen rolled his eyes and said I really hated that dancing back in 1896 Creepy huh?Many of the cases in Children Who Have Lived Before were interesting and it certainly seemed as though the children in uestion were tested They were asked to identify the house they once lived in their parents and loved ones by name even down to objects they owned and the things that had changed in the environment around them I particularly enjoyed the chapter about birthmarks often relating to injuries from their previous incarnationThe main gripe I have with this book though and why I won't be rating it highly is that it uoted so heavily from the investigative work done by Dr Ian Stevenson and the majority of cases used were than 30 years old For a book published in 2005 I expected the content to be a little current

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    I enjoyed this book a lot The author describes well researched cases of reincarnation in children from Asia and Turkey At times it gets repetitive as he is at pains to give all the evidence eg the same story told from the perspective of several relatives and friends of the deceased whose soul now lives in the child and it's tricky to follow all the various Asian and Indian names The stories are so fascinating and all involve somewhat violent deaths either by accident or by murder A child is born at some later time from one day to several years later in the same region and when they start to talk they talk about a previous life They state they have different parents or a wife and children and live in a certain town which they name In India the belief is that children talking of past lives should be punished and beaten to stop them from talking about it to aid them forget it but this doesn't usually work as the children are stubborn in their desires to be taken back to their former families As they grow and become adults they gradually forget the details of their former lives and shun any publicity associated with Many children are born with puzzling birth defects such as missing fingers or birthmarks which are often identified by the child as the site of bullets axe thrusts or similar The author intersperses these cases with explanations which are helpful but repetitive A great book I'll be reading on this subject for sure

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    While it got bogged down in some details cases were presented by different witnesses explaining some of the exact same details it was an interesting enlightening read as a whole

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    Trutz Hardo has put together an interesting collection of stories in this book; although most are taken from other books such as those written by Ian Stevenson and Carol Bowman In between all the stories are the authors thoughts and beliefs on reincarnation; many which come across as authoritative and unbending to other opinionsMr Hardo is a total believer in reincarnation which is not bad in my opinion But he also seems to feel EVERYONE should believe in reincarnation and believe in it exactly as he does He even states at one point in the book that obviously everyone that had reached that point in the book must certainly now believe in reincarnation In other words he starts sounding like a missionary no different from missionaries of organized religions Reincarnation answers most of his uestions about life and he believes it would be that way for everyone if they just gave it genuine consideration and read stories that proved reincarnation was a realityHe also adheres to God's Laws of Karma which he says means one must reap everything one sows in one's current life or future lives Thus if you were cruel in your last life it makes no difference that you are no such thing in this one and all the rest of your lives you must still reap that cruelty It's supposedly the only way you'll learn not to be cruel even though you actually obviously learned it some other way I mean really is this way of thinking anything but a simple minded type of vengeance that makes God responsible for the revenge? Roy Stemman deals with this matter very nicely in his book One Soul Many Lives using an excellent uote from English journalist Hannen SwafferFor some reason Mr Hardo appears to believe all humans are cruel in the beginning and then must go through many lifetimes to become loving Why he believes this he does not say It almost sounds like the belief that we are all sinners due to the Garden of Eden The author ends the book by listing all the ways life on Earth will improve once everyone believes in reincarnation I don't know I doubt believing in reincarnation will make saints out of all the sinners any than any organized religion has done so

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    I enjoyed the book but I kind of believe in reincarnation I think if I was a skeptic I would have uit reading this book pretty uickly It was like short reviews of children and their claims Each story could have been made up as it is in countries I’ll never visit or even heard of and people with odd names at least in my sheltered white American world Reminds me of people who go to psychics if you believe it’s great If you don’t believe then it isn’t worth your time

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    Absolutely fascinating

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    This book was interesting and although I did not like his writing style the book was a fast read Because it is a collection of short stories many only 3 pages long it is easy to take this somewhere and read when you have a spare 5 minutes Hardo believes that everything about us is influenced by a past life our fears our looks our choices etc He is very persistent that everyone should believe in reincarnation and that current medical doctors should take it into account when mysterious illnesses or chronic pains present theselves

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    uite an interesting read A lot of examples of children who have 'proved' the existence of re incarnation but I would have liked to have seen a balanced argument Does get a bit repetitive at times and the author spoils it a little by seeming to want to base it around trying to prove re incarnation to the audience

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    Extraordinary very interesting and so amazing You'll think about this book long after you have finished reading it