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The place is Lower Ditton So peaceful so silent But the silence is deceptive It's the silence of the grave The silence of a village too terrified to scream The silence of an army of vengeful spirits who've possessed the bodies of young children

10 thoughts on “Deadtime Story

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    This book sucks as hard as the creepy kid on the cover I knew that major typo on page five was a bad sign Silliness I can deal with but dull is unforgivable Nothing to see here

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    I was expecting a standard 'creepy children' horror story but this is also a story about child abuse and domestic violence and social reactions to it The writing is effective but very to the point; no real creative flourishes It still managed to grip me until the end It's worth a read if you find it somewhere but I wouldn't consider it a book worth hunting for

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    I honestly cannot remember this story much any BUT this was a book I bought back when I was a teen from our local used book stores I remember devouring the book and here 20 years later it’s still on my shelf Must have been good enough at the time