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When the elven king Kelerison arrives in Godwin's Corners Connecticut to reclaim the mortal woman who fled from him he finds himself face to face with a formidableand unexpectedopponent divorce lawyer Sandra Horowitz The author of New York by Knight brings a fresh comic spirit to the fantasy genre in this upbeat story of modern suburbia's battle with the world of faerie

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    An older fantasy possibly hard to find nowadays but worth it It is absolutely hilarious The comedic possibilities in fantasy elements like flower nymphs and unicorns have never been explored this well in my experience I have reread it a thousand times Never have elves seemed so down to earth and real an excellent juxtaposition of the magical and the very ordinaryIt is the middle book in a trilogy but each book is well able to stand alone I love both this and the third book Sphynxes Wild very much Friesner isn't one of my top favorite authors some of her books didn't pay off for me But when she is good she is great That includes this trilogy as well as a short story I read years ago in Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine that was one of the funniest and best genre short stories I've ever come across that is saying something considering the probably six dozen anthologies in my possession I can't find the issue any and don't remember the title but it was about vampires in the Country Western music industry

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    A lot of fun to read; fantasy in a everyday setting and a nice change of scenery at the end Mrs Friesner is simply a delight I had the opportunity to have dinner with her at a convention recently so witty and full of energy I've been on the lookout for her books every time I go to a bookstore

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    A modern day fairy tale with a twist Humorous and sassy One of my favourite books

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    Not the best but not the worstthis was the first book I ever ordered used online