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She had the power to create planets The sixty carved bones of the Yris tera foretold her ancient fate Her heritage of power took her beyond time and space and stole from her the one man she loved Enslaved on the planet Silistra tomorrow's most beautiful courtesan unleashes the powers of the gods

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    The Golden SwordLet me start by saying this is the SECOND book in the SIlistra uartet – and it helps to have read the earlier book although I think you could get by without itThe action starts immediately and thus some prior knowledge of the world and the main character is useful That said The world building like Janet Morris’s other books is superb and there is a helpful glossary at the back for the unfamiliar alien terms When Morris creates a world she doesn’t hold back and this darkly sensual book ticks all the boxes for drama cleverness and the ability to make the reader think What is duty? What is love and how does it bind a person Is sex merely pleasure or is there something far profound in our genetic and cultural identity – and for that matter how fixed is it? Silistra is a world once ravaged by a war and environmental damage which almost destroyed everything – greed vanity selfishness and all the dark deeds of which an ‘intelligent’ society is capable From these ashes rise the Wells and the alien but hauntingly possible culture of this world Silistra is a world where the ability to reproduce is perhaps the most important aspect – as wars and a bloody history almost destroyed the races Thus sex and the relationships between men and women the way their society sees them is important And women ofter hold the power Yet it isn’t that simple these things rarely are for the various factions fight between themselves try to hold the technologically advanced races at bay and seek to find themselves Love of those simply not worthy of it by the rational mind and of the call of one person’s allure to another The role of men and women master or mistress and subordinate of slave and free of tribe and tribe city and city Silistrian and environment are woven about a tale of one woman’s uest to find out who she is and not necessarily liking the answer The secret of the Silistran longevity is threatened and with it the Silistran way of life and all they hold dear This is than just Estri’s own fight for survival as allies and enemies duel intrigue and switch allegiances Secrets are revealed bargains struck and betrayed and threats loom from the stars without the people within and the treachery of one’s own fearIt’s not a book for those looking for a simple adventure or a happy ever after It’s not a love story and it’s not a story for those who are easily offended But it is a great story There is sex violence betrayal blood death loss love hatred fear power struggles and people being really uite shitty to one another and in this I found a reflection of ourselves – our world as could be and might well be This is a book which makes one’s blood sing and one’s mind ponder I loved the first in the series and enjoyed this as much perhaps The ending leaves the reader desperate to know what happens to Estri next – courtesan slave warrior lover rebel What is next for our heroine?

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    I am deeply tempted to simply write five stars place a period no an exclamation mark after the word “stars” and thusly be finished with my review Tempted yes but I won’t do that Not just yet Let me put two uestions to you dear readers1 Is there anything I can say in this review that would dissuade you to not buy this book if you have already decided to buy the book?2 Conversely is there anything I could possibly say in this review to persuade you to buy this book if you had already decided not to buy this book?My recommendation is that you purchase the book based on its literary meritWhy? Here we have a series of four books a uartet It was first published in 1977 That’s 39 years ago It’s now May 2016 It’s half a century later Imagine you read this book in 1977 went to sleep after reading it and then woke up today May 18th 2016You would probably think you had woken up in the world described in this book At least the book's primary subject matter low fertility rates is still holding up pretty well It’s consistent with what Janet Morris explores in this seriesIn fact we could go ahead and call Janet Morris a prophet In today’s world according to the United Nations Data Booklet “World Fertility Patterns” 2015 birthrates in developed countries are declining Global fertility is now 25 children per womanI must ask the uestion How does a woman have half a child? Impossible I know But we’re talking statistics here and such things are possible Let me uote directly from that UN booklet“Fertility patterns in the world have changed dramatically over the last few decades Global fertility has reached unprecedented low levels” end of uote What is even worrying is the fact that “nearly half the world lives in below replacement level fertility countries” Let me give you the facts straight from page 6 of the report“Today 46 per cent of the world’s population lives in countries with low levels of fertility where women have fewer than 21 children on average Low fertility countries now include all of Europe and Northern America as well as many countries in Asia and Latin America and the CaribbeanAnother 46 per cent of the world’s population lives in “intermediate fertility” countries that have already experienced substantial fertility declines and where women have on average between 21 and 5 childrenThe remaining 8 per cent of the world’s population lives in “high fertility” countries that have experienced only limited fertility decline to date In these countries the average woman has five or children over her lifetime Most of these countries are in sub Saharan Africa” end of uoteSo as I said before author Janet Morris is a prophet She got out her crystal ball one day and looked into the future She saw a world in decline fertility rates dropping the population getting older and older and the birth rate unable to keep up with the mortality rateI think it’s not necessary for me to tell you that under these circumstances the human race would eventually become extinct What this book does is imagine the desperation of living in such a world The ability to procreate to have children would bestow great wealth and power to individuals with this biological blessingThis nightmarish scenario is one of the many global problems our leaders are supposed to be working on Failure to do so would condemn the human race to extinction It’s as simple as that Therefore you will understand my recommendation for anyone interested in a medical career social services career or a public administration career to read this book It’s a fantasy that could turn into a nightmareIntellectually and emotionally this is challenging reading On a third level it is enough to take one look at the book covers to understand that it can not avoid dealing with human sexuality in all its forms Why? Because for the inhabitants of such a world what will be uppermost in your mind is having sex not so much for pleasure although we humans are “hardwired” that way but for procreation The idea behind all the fornication is to save the human race and at the end of the day that’s uite a noble undertakingAnd this is the point where I will conclude this book review by saying five starsSynopsisThe Battle of the Sexes is never overEstri the Well Keepress of Astria and High Couch of Silistra the highest office in the land has continued her uest to locate her god like “Shaper” father to his home planet Mi’ysten where she is tested and shown to have inherited his powersFollowing further training in the ability to manipulate time and probabilities with her mind Estri is abruptly returned to Silistra after an absence of two local years Many changes have taken place in the power vacuum her absence left and Estri must conuer her immediate captor Chayin Cahndor of the violent Parset desert tribes in order to continue her uest to save the Silistran people who are dying out from infertilityThe Parset tribes cultivate and grow the plants from which the costly longevity drugs sold throughout the Bipedal Federation are made Renegade members of the Bipedal Federation offer proscribed hi tech weapons to leaders of the warring tribes in exchange for exclusive access to the longevity drugs assuring that tribe’s domination of the restChayin rejects their offer knowing it will end in the destruction of his people from greed and power The BF keeps counting on at least one tribal leader’s greed to eventually agree to accept their offer allowing one tribe to conuer all others with off world weaponsEstri and Chayin must find Sereth former Slayer of Estri’s home who aided her in beginning her uest and was made outcast afterward because Estri disappeared under his protection Estri Chayin and Sereth must join in a triad forging a bond created by their innate powers and intense love to assure the future of the planetAfter they defeat Chayin’s various tribal opponents they conuer Estri’s enemy of hundreds of years her father’s grandson Raet and hope they can have a respite from tribulation However Khys the semi mythical usurper overlord of the planet abducts the triad to his sacred city and binds Estri with a device that suppresses her powers and causes her to lose her memoryWith Estri in his control he elevates Chayin to be his puppet overlord of all the Parset but leaves active Chayin’s own in born powers that may drive him insane Khys forces Sereth into the role of a “trusted” vassal who remembers everything about Estri Chayin and their pastsHelpless before his power Chayin and Sereth cannot stop Khys from impregnating an unsuspecting Estri to take advantage of her “Shaper” genetics Khys gloats triumphant in assuring himself a powerful and gifted heir while believing no being in the universe is powerful enough to deny him what he truly desires return of the technology that nearly destroyed the planet and forced the population underground into “hides” until their world recovered enough from the devastation to support life again For a time he’s correct

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    The Golden Sword continues the exploration of moral dilemmas in a world populated by people whose philosophies and beliefs are very different to our own A place where society's main focus is on the restoration of their race's genetic vitality and exuberanceReenter Estri High Couch of Silistra Having completed the chaledra of the mother a journey to find her godlike father Estri returns to Silistra under very different circumstances than when she left At a whim it would seem she has been plucked from a position of reverence and power and reduced to nothing than a chaldless slave But why?Thus begins a voyage laden with intrigue and revelations where we discover much than petty politics and interplanetary shenanigans are involved It would appear that even the Shapers the creators of events and reality have an interest in Estri's future To reveal why would spoil what lies in store but suffice to say you will be drawn into the turmoils Estri faces; share them and experience them as if they were your ownAs I've often emphasized my favorite reading involves stories that are as complex as they are involved; stories where the author takes the threads of their tale and weaves them over time into a rich tapestry of involved mature dialect and stimulating plots; where the characters of the protagonists and antagonists are allowed to evolve through trials both subtle and challenging Stephen Donaldson a true wordsmith of our times springs to mind with his immortalized character Thomas CovenantIn The Golden Sword you have it all Morris has created an epic series to rival Donaldson at his best and something that will make a welcome addition to any discerning reader's bookshelf

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    THE GOLDEN SWORD is the second book in the SIlistra uartet Having read the first book THE HIGH COUCH OF SILISTRA I was thrilled to meet the heroine Estri and have her adventurous fun character revealed to me anew Telling her story she has a uniue way of forging her volunrability and misfortune into strength “I had found myself naked but for cloak and chald upon my back in the Parset desert looking up at the constellations of the night sky of Silistra”Told by Estri herself this is perhaps the most intimate story I have read by Janet morris whose writing is always elouent and whose world vision so amazingly imaginative in both its futuristic and mythological strains I feel Estri as if she were me as if I touch the other characters through the palms of her hands “I rubbed the knots of anger from his back until his breathing eased until the muscles no longer twisted under my hands until he slept at last”The best part of her is being resilient “Those great jaws closed upon my shoulder I twisted back my head and bit out Uritheria’s throat” So beware her trials are not for the faint of heartFive starsThis book was sent to me gratis for an unbiased review

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    High Couch of Silistra The Silistra uartet BookJanet MorrisPure excellenceHigh Couch of Silistra unfolds revealing a complex and visionary story to grasp any enuiring mind whilst turning these pages of pure genius The historical and mythical details created by the author thoroughly tease the imagination of the reader Without doubt the works of Morris are to be taken held and captured as nothing than great literatureA heroic uest of this highest calibre

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    The second in the series about the future courtesan Not really my cup of tea although I liked the first one in the series OK I didn't read any in this series after this book 2 but I have very much enjoyed much of Morris's other work

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    Call it what you like science fiction space opera sword and planet or erotic fantasy The Golden Sword is all these things and so much A highly intelligent and sensual novel filled with ideas and revelations this is a gripping story that explores human sexuality and the role it plays in politics Although the memorable characters are bisexual toss away all your preconceived notions for there is a humanity a strength of will and determination a realism and depth of emotion to these characters that will have you thinking twice about all you know and all you think you know This is a book for mature and discerning readers who like some meat on the bones of the books they read Janet Morris led the way for all the science fiction authors both male and female who came after This is the second book in her classic “Silistra uartet” series which continues on through two volumes In this epic second novel Estri the heroine of “The High Couch of Silistra” ventures further than she ever has before into her exotic world of sensuality and politics This time out she encounters Chayin a prince of an alien culture and discovers about her fate past present and future This is a powerful exciting novel filled with passion and adventure ideas and thought provoking philosophies Janet Morris truly smashed through barriers and broke new ground with her “Silistra” series and is still breaking new ground in these new “Author’s Cut” editions that delve further and deeper into Esrti’s universe and into the grand vision the author had when she first set out to write this series This is science fiction for thinking adults

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    That was excruciatingAfter about page 120 I started skimming The further in the lightly I skimmed and yet it still felt interminableMorris is a competent writer I've read books by people with less skill at stringing words together But the contentthe contentI was reminded of John Norman's Gor books and not just because this book also concerned itself with women being bound and humiliated Like Norman Morris has over stuffed the book with world building In my own writing I am often concerned with the amount of world building jargon etc that I put into my work Morris takes it to such an extreme that she serves as a great example of what not to do There are paragraphs where virtually nothing makes sense because every third word is in setting jargon While I like having a glossary I don't want to spend half my time looking up the meaning of made up wordsThe narrator is the worst kind of character somehow wielding amazing powers while being completely useless and always at the will of othersAnd everyone else in the bookMaybe I missed something as I was definitely starting to tune out even before I started skimming but it seemed like characters' personalities kept changing A bunch of interchangeable jerks are either mean to or kind to the narrator as the individual scene demandsUghLike John Norman's also excruciating books the actual story in this novel could probably been told in under a hundred pages

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    Her heritage is stronger than her love In this second volume Silistra is learning of her powers and her most distant past The beautiful courtesan who can unleash the power of he gods faces terrible dilemmas and uestions in her demanding challenging life while action never slacks never slows its pace leaving us readers as breathless and craving as the characters addicted to the happenings

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    I have different cover art looks to be by the same person who did the cover art I have pictured on the 1st in this seriesvery skimpy gold jewlery and a sword are all the lady wears There are 2 in this seriesI want to get them