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Sir Richard de Cantor a highly–skilled warrior is hampered by guilt over the ambitious materialistic way he'd lived before he joined the Templar Brotherhood a lifestyle he believes led to the death of his young daughter Lady Margaret Newcomb is a disgraced daughter of a powerful English earl and has led a uiet life of penance and atonement Though of different backgrounds in truth they are both lonely battered by the world and in desperate need of each other's love and acceptance Their fragile relationship is soon threatened when the French Inuisition makes its way to England and Richard is faced with charges for his position as a Templar Knight only to have their love further tested when someone from Meg's past reappears with the power to tear the two apart

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    DNF on page 31 This wasn't that bad of a book I just couldn't focus on this one

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    Dit boek is in het Nederlands vertaald verschenen Als passie taboe is Candlelight Historische roman 736Dit is deel 1 van een 3 delen tellende serie maar volgt direct op De mysterieuze courtisane waar Braedan de Cantor de hoofdrol had en in dit deel staat zijn jongere broer Richard de Cantor centraalHet boek begint met het historische feit van de massale jacht op de Tempelridders dd 13 oktober 1307 oftewel Zwarte Vrijdag in FrankrijkRichard de Cantor is een tempelier en weet te ontsnappen aan de jacht en vlucht naar Engeland zijn thuisland In zijn huis ontmoet hij lady Margaret Newcomb die zijn zieke vrouw verzorgd en wat volgt is een wat ongebruikelijk liefdesverhaal

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    DNF I think

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    This is the first novel I have read by Mary Reed McCall It is your average Medieval romance involving some adventure heroism and sexual tension The hero Sir Richard de Cantor one of the highly skilled knights of the Templar Brotherhood returns from overseas escaping across the channel from France and the clutches of the French Inuisition and King Philip who has ordered the arrest of all Knights of the Templar Brotherhood He arrives back at his ancestral home to discover the wife he left six years previous has not recovered from the madness that became worse after the tragic death of their young daughter but has only worsened to the point that she has been cared for by a distant cousin for the last two years Tragically his wife escapes in her madness one night and is found by Richard sometime later alive but injured at the bottom of a ravine She becomes ill and tragically dies Richard is heavy with guilt blaming himself for the death of his daughter years before now his wife and the uncontrollable feelings of lust he has every time he is in the presence of his wife's distant cousin Margaret Meg Newcomb These feelings of lust turn to when their lives are interrupted by a summons from the English Monarch for both Richard and Lady Newcomb who has been banned from court for years in dishonor While the hero and heroine's romance is at the forefront of the story there is a great background story going on as well I have read hotter romances but still greatly enjoyed the story told