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Perrier Award winner Dylan Moran is rapidly climbing in to the nations conciousness and affection following a high profile start to the year The third series of Channel 4's Black Books has just finished to great critical and public acclaim and the movie Shaun of the Dead featuring Dylan is currently being shown around the country This title was recorded during his 2004 UK Spring tour his biggest to date and judging by audience reaction they couldn't get enough This is his first ever live recording and it's very very funny

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    Moran Dylan proper noun 1 Sociopathic comedian best at existential stand up 2 Alcoholic and heavy smoker satiric and dark hater of technology 3 the man 4 Irish legend at the level of the Leprechauns

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    Brilliant and hilarious man

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    This is some of the most side splitting hilarious omigodicantbreathe comedy I've heard in a long time I cannot recommend it highly enough