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Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who called a corrupt kingdom home sweet home Protected and sheltered from the worst the world had to offer she fell in love with the crumbling city that burned and blazed around her Every dirty corner every scary shadow found a place within her heart So did a man who was violent and dangerous just like the streets she claimed as her own He was all business and brutality except when it came to her With her he was calm caring and heartbreakingly patientHe warned her over and over that he wasn't the man for her but she refused to listen She never expected either the streets or their enforcer to hurt her since she'd given her heart so completely to bothShe should have known the streets in the Point were always going to be savage and so was the man committed to keeping control of them in the hands of criminals and bloody kingpins Blindsided by a betrayal which cut so deeply she was sure the wounds would never heal the princess fled the home she loved and the man who broke her heart Throwing away her rusted twisted crown was supposed to help her forget All it did was make her long for everything she left behind She told herself she would never go back but in this tormented kingdom family is everything Eventually she has no choice but to return While she was gone the people who loved her worked hard to make the city safe and the man who destroyed her sank deeper into the darkness Going back shouldn't feel like surrender but it does As this pretty princess hovers on the edge of the unknown the past attacks with a vengeance It's a good reminder that puppy love eventually grows up and turns into something with sharp teeth and one hell of a bite She never asked for the keys to the kingdom She'd much rather go out and build her own

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    Live 🙌5 stars🙌I don't know where to start my review with Respect I fall in love with this story from the beginning and I didn't want this to endIt was addictiveemotional and intenseBooker broke Karsen's heart in the past and now they meet againThings isn't as Karsen thought and they have consent time togetherThey have so many feeling for each other and they try for things to work for them while dealing with other things that bothering themI can't even express how much I loved Booker he cared so much for KarsenHe is protective and sweet with herKarsen is strong smart and confidentShe changed so much from the past yearsThey have an amazing banter and they are perfect for each otherJay Crownover delivers a fantastic story with suspense and a intense romanceI highly recommend this series to everyone one of my favorites from Jay Crownover    

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    This was the final book in The Breaking Point series of course author’s always save the best for last Booker was introduced in the first series about the Point and he had a sixteen year old girl who was totally in love with him even worseit was his boss’s step sister in other words; a no fly zone Booker was a bad ass; but he did have morals so he never touched her Fast forward to many years later and we end up with a story about the girl who is all grown up and my favourite character of all; BookerI did enjoy this book although I was a little disappointed in how my badass Booker was portrayed I felt he didn’t come across as bad ass enough I wanted him to be unstoppable and I wanted him to back down for NO ONE He did get redeemed later on in the story but I just wanted when it came to himAll in all though I loved this series and I am sad to see it end I’m hopeful that there might be a spinoff by what happened in the end I will be watching what the author comes up with next

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    I was anxiously awaiting Karsen and Booker since they featured in Race’s story I thoroughly enjoyed it not only for what it was but for what it wasn’t Not only was the story very true to the main characters flaws and all but it also showed a different dynamic to Race and Brysen It wasn’t a flattering view It straight up shows the ugly However it humanized them and although Race has always been my least favorite of that story line it made him all the real to me Karsen and Booker were a great match I loved their chemistry and exchanges I wasn’t a big fan of what made them estranged but I understand it had to happen They both experienced growth but I felt that Karsen gave in too easily I would’ve liked to see not only Booker grovel but those who sought to manipulate her Booker wasn’t as intense as I expected but I got the impression that he would grow to be so The writing was wonderful as always The pacing with the exception of the resolution was solid The imagery and prose was on point Safety There is no cheating However before they are together but after they are interested in one another there are others No rape or abuse

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    Letting Karsen into my life was the first time some of the shadows that owned me had been chased awayRespect was an okay read for me There was nothing that really stood out or made this story exceptional in my opinion I did love Jay's writing style it was really easy to read and it had a great flow The story just felt a bit unfinished The majority of the story was spend on the road to home and it was okay at the start but it got a bit monotone after a while I even started skipping sex scenes because I wanted to get back to the story I did love Karsen and Booker together I think they were a great match who balanced each other out There was definitely character development but not enough to satisfy me completely There was some action and suspense however most of it happened in the last uarter of the story Most of the exciting things happened in the last uarter which felt a bit rushed and forced Like I said Respect was an okay read that just didn't intrigue me completelyShe might be the Princess of the Point but she was the ueen the undeniable ruler of my crooked and shady heart

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    Light is easy to love Show me your darkness R ueenI love books bathed in darkness with a sliver of light as they dig deeply into the depths of hell but somehow find a bit of heaven Jay Crownover is a mix master of black shadowy stories that still shine like gold This master storyteller makes you love the 'baddest' of bad boys in her powerful series called The Point and The Breaking Point where the men who sway from criminals to heroes the boyfriends that mothers would hide from if you brought them home the boys you should probably run from too But you can't help but adore these saints and sinners that snag your heart Respect is the story of a broken hearted but brave princess who has to flee the corrupt kingdom because she thinks the big broken and bold prince doesn’t see her beyond a young friend Oh how wrong this heroine is; the powerful prince sees her but does not want to corrupt her Neither realize the power of fate Fate has other plans and is the real ruler of this kingdom Time was supposed to heal all wounds but mine felt like it was still wide open and bleeding all over the place Scorching spine tingling and oh so strong Respect is the perfect fusion of light and dark heaven and hell and sin and salvation Gritty with bits of glam Dark with bits of light Dangerous and daring Respect is a HEADY HIGH I was ADDICTED to Karsen and Bookers’ journey that is as emotional as it is explosive I LOVED being back at the Point I can’t help but become fully vested in these characters—the baddest and bravest boys with the biggest hearts and the bold heroines who stand beside them From Bax to Booker and Dovie to Karsen I’ve fallen for every one of the heroes and anti heroes of the Point ”Don’t regret this later Karsen If you do it might kill me” Fire hot formidable and full of feels Respect is a fresh spin on romance Jay Crownover always brings a uniueness to her words that I’ve called ‘Crownover Crack’ since meeting Rule years ago From Better When He’s Bad to Respect The Point and The Breaking Point series are perfectly imperfect stories that slay with strength and soul Respect is the perfect farewell A HIGH OCTANE HEART POUNDING ROMANCE that delivers all the way ”The only person whose touch I ever needed was yours” What a powerful finish to a powerful and poignant series I so don't want this series to be over Jay Crownover rocked all of these brilliant bad boy books out of the park The addicting anti heroes—villains fused with victors—of the Point will mark your soul grab your heart and stay with you forever Bad has never been so good It was a place that was so bad so dark so lost in crime and violence it didn't have a namewe simply called it the Point It was the ending point the breaking point the point of no returnit was simply a place where only the strong survived and anyone else was bound to die trying 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 heart racing ‘all the respect’ stars A MUST MEET ROMANCE SERIES ➡️ Group Twitter

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    “Other people see the Point as this awful place full of crime and terrible people To me it was always home It’s where I felt the safest and most loved” I’m just feeling all kinds of emotions right now It’s always such a bittersweet feeling when one of your favorite series comes to an end—it’s so exciting to finally see where everyone’s at at this point but it also hurts my heart something fierce to say goodbye I’ve loved this group of intense and possessive criminals and strong yet softhearted women ever since Jay released Better When He’s Bad Now after years of anticipating for of this badass crew we’ve ultimately reached the end of the road And with the way this book ended—having everyone’s loose ends tied up—I just wanted to breakdown and cryJay Crownover definitely saved the best for last and delivered one of the most epic and unforgettable finales of all time I feel like I’ve been waiting for Booker and Karsen’s story for forever—this book has been brewing since the Welcome to the Point series—and now that it’s here all I can say is that it’s absolutely worth every single second of the wait I worked so hard to be bulletproof but none of my defenses were ever good enough with her She slipped through all the barriers without even trying Noah Booker stole and melted my heart completely I just have a soft spot for huge cold hearted men who look like nothing and no one can topple them over but deep inside they have a heart—just like anyone else—waiting to be revived and taken care of the way it’s supposed to be Booker crippled me—I felt every single ounce of pain remorse and guilt he felt when he thought he was only trying his best to do what’s right When he ripped both his and Karsen’s hearts out I felt it down to the pit of my stomach But truthfully if you’ve known this man and his journey throughout the entire series the you’ll just grow to love him Because when it comes to Karsen Carter you’ll see how different he is She might be the princess of the Point but she was the ueen the undeniable ruler of my crooked and shady heart Karsen Carter might’ve been younger in age but she’s got an old and beautiful soul She’s just like this beacon shining in a pitch dark sky She became the light in Booker’s world of darkness The one who chased away the demons that always lurked in the depths of his soul She’s this sweet girl with a heart full of love who became his source of hope I adored Karsen—not only when it came to Booker but also when it came to the town she considered her home Most people would probably be desperate to flee the dark and dangerous streets of the Point but this girl? She embraced it It’s in her blood And it highlighted just how brave and fierce she truly is “Turnabout is only fair Karsen I get to claim you as mine If anyone puts their hands on you I won’t be jealous I’ll be lethal Keep that in mind” I loved Booker and Karsen’s story with every fiber of my being Among all the couples in the series I think they’re the truest rawest and grittiest ones to represent the Point—broken damaged and isn’t afraid to get blood on their hands; but at the same time strong willed loyal to a fault and would go to great lengths just to protect the people they love—the people who matter the most Even though this series has already come to a close it’s one that I’ll surely crack open and keep revisiting in the future It’s one that has found its own special nook in my heart Every book will just take you on a rollercoaster ride give you an adrenaline rush like no other and have your palms sweating the the plot unravels And don’t even get me started with the characters—you’ll get attached and hooked onto them right off the bat You’ll just continuously want to know about them even long after it’s all overIf you love a romantic suspense that’s packed with action and mind blowing twists and turns and with a couple you’ll root for until the very end you need to read this It’s certainly one of Jay Crownover’s most brilliant works to dateFollow me on Instagram • Facebook • Twitter

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    I was powerless where she was concerned and for the first time in my life I was okay with that”

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    I devoured this bookAlthough I’m actually not surprised that I did I’ve been wanting Karsen and Booker’s story ever since seeing them in Better When He’s Bold and after months and months technically years of waiting Jay gave us their story and did it perfectly It had redemption and heartache and action and romance and you'll be surprised by all that happens in this book and with these characters If you've loved this world and have been waiting forever for this book you truly will not be disappointed with what Jay delivers here

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    Finally Booker and Karsen's story I have been waiting for this for so long Yes there is an age difference and she was young in the beginning of the series but I always thought it was handled very well And I think the author did a good job of balancing all the factors to make their story workEveryone thought Karsen just had a crush on the big bad enforcer Booker They wrote it off as puppy love and her family was determined to make her leave the Point and go to college and find something for herself But in order to get her to leave something drastic was necessary And it sent them both into years of pain loss anger and resentment Years later it is time for her to figure out what she is going to do with her life And she has to figure out what to do once and for all about Booker But there is also danger lurking in the background Someone is trying to stop her from returning home And someone is out to get either her or himCan Booker keep them safe long enough to get her home and then deal with the conseuences of their actions? And is there any way that he can win the trust and heart back of the Princess of the Point and actually have a chance at keeping her?I just love Booker This big burly broken deadly and and dangerous man also has a caring and giving heart He is protective strong and loyal He lives on the dark side and does dirty deeds for Nassir and Race But he is also vulnerable when it comes to Karsen She always saw him as man instead of monster She was his light his hope and the person that mattered the most to him But she was always off limits due to circumstances And despite his hard edged persona he was also self sacrificing and did not feel worthy of something good Karsen might be younger than the rest of them but she is tenacious brave smart and fearlessThose around her always wanted to protect her or uestioned her choices She just wanted to be taken seriously She always hoped that one day Booker would reciprocate her feelings but she left with a broken heart After being away she still misses her family and city even if she is also wary of seeing him againSo it is now time to deal with the past face their demons and make a stand for what they want It is time to really open up and share the things that have shaped them or caused pain They also have to realize that there are people that have their back and learn to accept help sometimes But this is the Point and they are also surrounded by any number of people that could want to do them harm This is the finale of this series and I loved getting to see with all of the couples and even some cameos These characters have all been through so much to survive and thrive in this dangerous and unpredictable environment They are a diverse and dynamic group that live on the edge but have their own niche They have flaws and make mistakes but they also love fiercely and protect those that they care about even if it is not always the right way to go about it There is mystery tension danger and suspense There are possible multiple antagonists It is a puzzle they have to figure out It is not only an actual journey for them to a destination but also one of personal growth and of trying to see if they can mend their broken relationship This is ultimately about respect purpose love and paying it forward These two are survivors and fighters They had a connection and feelings that were so embedded in them that could not be broken by time distance or even pain But they will have to fight for acceptance and a chance Things in their lives will never be black and white but they can hope with the support from those that respect them that they can all live fully and happily in their spectrum of gray and find their own purpose I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewFollow Me Reviews by Tammy Kim Rachel and Jay | Facebook | Twitter