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The goal of The Oxford Handbook of African American Language is to provide readers with a wide range of analyses of both traditional and contemporary work on language use in African American communities in a broad collective The Handbook offers a survey of language and its uses in African American communities from a wide range of contexts organized into seven sections Origins and Historical Perspectives; Lects and Variation; Structure and Description; Child Language Acuisition and Development; Education; Language in Society; and Language and Identity It is a handbook of research on African American Language AAL and as such provides a variety of scholarly perspectives that may not align with each other as is indicative of most scholarly research The chapters in this book interact with one another as contributors freuently refer the reader to further elaboration on and references to related issues and connect their own research to related topics in other chapters within their own sections and the handbook generally to create dialogue about AAL thus affirming the need for collaborative thinking about the issues in AAL research Though the Handbook does not and cannot include every area of research it is meant to provide suggestions for future work on lesser studied areas eg variationheterogeneity in regional social and ethnic communities by highlighting a need for collaborative perspectives and innovative thinking while reasserting the need for better research and communication in areas thought to be resolved

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