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Dear AuthorI thought I knew what a soul mate isWe met when we were sixteen were in love by seventeen At twenty two we bought a house together At twenty six we got a bigger house a white picket fence and a golden retriever The stuff dreams are made of right? At thirty one he comes home and says “I’m just not feeling it any” then he’s gone I’ve been replaced Just Like ThatI thought I knew what a soul mate is; man did I have no ideaTwo years later I found outI met him at a concert; he approached me like he’s been waiting his life for me Little did I know at the time that was exactly the case It was a while before I learned that this guy that I am falling fast for is a dragon shifter and not only are soul mates real but he only gets one And it’s mePhoto Description A Joe Phillips illustration of two men one sitting up one with his head in the other’s lap asleep against a graffitied wall with a skateboard beside them The man sitting up has his fingers in the other man’s hair as if he’s fallen asleep midcaress Both are shirtless and tattooed— one with obvious dragon markingsThis story was written as a part of the MM Romance Group's Love is an Open Road event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The MM Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings

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    Moondrop is a cute easy story about a lonely English teacher and the dragon shifter who finds him The MCs are very likable especially Eli I liked the dragon mythology that was included But I expect well MATING in my shifter stories and this one has almost no steam It was too tame for me I missed the passion the MINE MINE MINE But hey I still enjoyed it Sweetness galore

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    45 Stars rounded up Okay OKAY Before I suee splode let me just say this was light sweet no angst urban fantasy dragon shifter yum yum The words The cover The writing The toneDope prompt Dope writer DOPE ASS STORYI loved every damn character even the mugger What am I saying? He was a jerkface but whatevs I sueed and laughed and smiled and giggledDylan is a geeky English teacher who has lost the love of his life at 31 years old His lover leaves him with the adorable golden retriever Bender and a broken heart His friends couple Jack and Mags draw him out in the land of the living steadfastly taking him out so he doesn't turn into a recluse He gets the shock of his life when he gets hit on by a slightly younger hotter roadie Eli Eli was like a breath of fresh air A little cocky great swag and so sure of Dylan “So does the roadie line usually work for you?”“First time― you’re the trial run” Eli said“Bullshit” The two hit it off no without a few road bumps Essentially the two discover something substantial And if you read the prompt you can guess what sort of secret Eli hasThe story was effortless The sense of ease all the characters had? Loved it I loved the conversations I love reading Dylan's trepidation on getting back on the dating scene after being away for so long He was sweet without giving me a cavity And Eli? He was so perfect for Dylan Not pushy not a doormat but so steady for Dylan while he figured out what he wantedI mean hot tattooed uncut tight buns who can suck a golf ball through a garden hose? Did Dylan have any choice but to take a chance with Eli?ExactlyAnd Dylan's friends? Holy shit were they funny especially my bro Jack He might be my spirit animal He just tickled me pink with every bro he uttered And his lines? Oh FUNNY “Yeah okay well anyhow my point is that I don’t cook”He wasn’t sure if he should be amazed or not when Jack followed with an immediate “So pick something up on the way home Nothing huge though Too much food makes sex impossible Double for dudes because you gotta use your butt”“We don’t―” Dylan winced realizing what he was about to say and to whom “Nevermind I’ll pick something up good call”“Something light man Nothing that’ll give anyone the shits”“Why are we friends again?”“Sage advice” Jack clapped him on the shoulder “ All the sage advice Ever” Jack Bro LMAO Bro LMAOBig kudos on tying in Chinese mythology and writing a diverse main character Loved the dragon bits could have went for but the story does the prompt so much justice I'll calm my greedy ass SomewhatI could have read a novel on these two It was so good Thanks to Ms Hawthorne and the team behind this event as always

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    45 SUISHY DRAGON EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE STARSThis hurtcomfort little gumdrop of suishy goodness is just so damn feel goodDylan thought he'd be with his HS sweetheart forever They had the American dream house with a white picket fence cute dog good jobs They were happy Weren't they? Dylan thought so until Eamon came home one day and said it wasn't working then moved to Ohio with a guy he met at work leaving Dylan with a mortgage he couldn't afford on a HS teacher's salary and a broken heartAt least the SOB left the dog Dylan and Bender the golden retriever down size and Dylan exists over the next 3 yrs He's got great friends who also make humorous secondary characters Jack and Maggie Jack and Maggie talk Dylan into seeing some indie bands and Metropol where he meets Eli the roadie for Mei Long; his brother's bandEli is easy going laid back but he see Dylan and he has a purpose He's not pushy or overbearing He just knows He doesn't go declaring his LUB but they make plans and keep making plans and spending increasing amounts of time together getting to know each other talking about everything and yes having some sexy times All of it felt so organic No stilted dialogue No awkwardness Just good relationship development that I settled into with a glass of iced tea and just enjoyed the ride I particularly enjoyed the addition of Chinese folklore That was a nice touchThere are a few tell tale signs that Eli may not be your average human but the truth doesn't come out until circumstances force it to the fore I also am truly grateful that there was no melodramatic antics Dylan doesn't freak out or make a big production He just needs to think on it because dragons bond forever “What do you want?” Dylan asked“You” Eli said “It’s always been you” I do wish there was dragon ness but SO MANY SUISHY FEELSAND A DRAGON Thanks to the author and her team for participating in the LOR event

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    Adorable read with dragon shifters and soulmates “Ever had a broken heart?”Eli shook his head “Nope I saved my heart”“For what?”With devastating simplicity Eli looked directly at him and said “The one”

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    Thanks to the author for participating and offering this freebieReally liked it Story follows the prompt a simple fluffy story with likeable charactersWhile there's instant attraction it doesn't go the way of insta insta bonding so common in shifter tales Here despite the length of the fic the characters are shown getting to know each other which is always so much better They're both very likeable and the result is a cute mellow tale with some sexy timesDylan is not six pack perfect HALLELUJAH and Eli sees no flaws their dialogue is natural stumbles included There's even a cute doggy to whuff alongSide characters are fun but don't monopolise the story seeds are there for seuels but it isn't obnoxious and the verse has potentialThere be Dragons here I do like Dragons Liked that this was Chinese Dragons which was a slightly different spin and added a pleasant veneer of myth to the story I did feel get confused by it though; the ending lost impact because it wasn't given enough purport The Dragon didn't appear to know about Dragons which was a shame; straddling the line of keeping the the story light or adding a deeper tone I think the balance wavered A longer story would be needed to better explore that but the idea was goodWhile I would have liked fire Eli is a Water Dragon I missed passion and the promised possessiveness was muted view spoilerthere was even a 'I may find another 'one' one sentence that confused me because as The Highlander taught us that's how it should be unless of course the fic is poly ; which this isn't hide spoiler

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    45 starsADORABLECompletely feel good tingly adorableDylan thought he had it all; the perfect life with his perfect man a house a dog and the white picket fence until that perfect man imploded his reality Now he's got to ditch the house and heal his heart At least he still has the dog Three years later his heart might have healed but his trust is still shattered He never got back on the horse and wouldn't know where to start but he's got some amazing friends that at least make sure he gets out of the house It's while out one night with his friends that he ends up locking eyes with Eli from across a room and suddenly it's like he comes alive Eli puts it best when he says that “Not every hookup has to be shallow and meaningless Maybe sometimes it’s just a preview” It ends up being a really beautiful preview Eli may be fated to love Dylan but his gentle courting of him and the incredibly sweet way in which explains to Dylan what it means to be loved by a dragon made me love himThis was such a feel good low angst happy sigh read Really well written and so yummy this was a really great short readMy thanks to the author for their effort and participation in the Love is an Open Road event

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    Well that just about hit the spotPretty much each character was perfect in their own rightDylan hurt so deeply by the past; alone and lonely He's afraid to hope for when a charismatic hottie takes a keen interest in him Definitely flattered by the attention he resolves to enjoy it while it lasts Eli intriguing but genuine he's too good to be true But true he is and his lack of artifice was really so refreshingThis was very romantic and I loved the idea that though these two were perfectly matched it was a conscious decision to take that leap of faith A great atmospheric read interweaving legend and lore into a modern day fairy tale where dreams fortuitously do come true

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    I'm pretty much over the shifter thing but for this story I'm willing to change my mind Or likely make an exception This was a really sweet and cute story of a man hurt by love giving it a second chance Of course it really doesn't hurt that his OTP turns out to be a gorgeous muscled tattooed hunk o' loveVery enjoyable way to take a break

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    Cute with likable MCs I would have liked steam but overall this was a nice read

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    This was sweet and romantic It pulled me in and kept me totally engrossed right through the surprising end Really beautifully done Eli shrugged; scales glinted “I’m strongest in spring That’s when I met you That’s how I knew”“Spring Is that why you bring everything to life?” Dylan asked “Bring me to life?”Eli smiled Even in this strange half dragon form it was still Eli’s smile “You anchor me safely to the ground The world”“I’m a chain?” Dylan asked If this was real if he wasn’t hallucinating there had to be to it He had a million uestions but couldn’t articulate any of the good ones“You’re a reason” Eli said stepping nearerHe smelled like rain Like spring Dylan asked “A reason for what?”“For everything”