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The Soul's Longing An Orthodox Christian Perspective on Biblical Interpretation has as its main purpose to show the deep connection between spiritual life and biblical interpretation which is both inspiring and accurate It also makes clear the powerful effect of the interpreter's theology – especially the understanding of who Jesus Christ is – upon his or her method of biblical interpretationThis is done by looking at fundamental principles of traditional Christian theology along with an historical overview indicating the close connections between interpretation and spiritual life in the Church of the early centuries In addition the book describes what went wrong through the later centuries that has led to the problems in much biblical scholarship today – such as the work of the notorious “Jesus Seminar”This book also shows why the exegetical strengths of the early Church can and should be brought into the present while retaining what is of value from biblical scholarship of the recent past Some examples are given of how this can be done

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    Dr Mary Ford writes a clear non technical overview of the Biblical hermeneutic of the Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Church as well as the subseuent history of Biblical interpretation in the West This also serves as a great introduction to Orthodox theology as well

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    I did like the book Ford offers exactly what the title says an Orthodox Christian perspective on biblical interpretation For me she spent too much time bashing modern biblical methods of scholarly interpretation Obviously those interpretations have a totally different foundation and perspective than Orthodoxy We need works putting forth our views not just bashing the Christian West But I think she helps move us in the direction of putting forth an Orthodox understanding of how to do biblical reading and explanation The risk which has been there for years is that reacting against Protestant or scholarly interpretations we will declare there is one and only one way to read any one text which would not be consistent with the Fathers who made many different uses of any one text Our Tradition is rich and deep but some want to reduce it one narrow interpretation we become Patristic fundamentalists just like the Protestant fundamentalists we so despise