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GAY BDSM After being dumped by his alpha jock boyfriend 22 year old Jesse Ryan was taken by a new hardcore master In this second book Jesse's new master first rebuilds the boy's body into that of the perfect slave Now the sadist is going to use any means necessary to reshape young Jesse's mind By the end Jesse understands what it means to be a no limits sub

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    2016 has been a very unstable year Not only have I lost favourite role models in droves I have been into dark places times than I could count Yes I experienced highlights as well but the darkness has had a big impact this year and the only way to keep it at bay was reading mass reading back to back books with no stopping and no reviewing I do apologize to all the writers that I won’t be able to review their books yet but I will get to it Promise

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    Cruel Sadistic The Masterand yeah I mean the author too If you get off on harsh and nastythis is your serial LOL