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Zoe Jabril needs to devise a kick ass plan to save the world ASAP Otherwise Armageddon starts the day she turns eighteen—and if that happens everything is going to hell LiterallyShe could be any other 17 year old attending parties and checking out cute guys—except she discovers her best friend is a Guardian Angel and the boy she crushes on is a Nephilim both sent to protect her from the demons who want her deadNow Zoe has to deal with growing feelings toward the Nephilim who spreads a strange electrical current through her body every time he touches her And she’s under constant attack from Demons trying to stop her from fulfilling the Prophecy a girl will be born who will unite Angels Nephilim Fairies and Werewolves to battle evil Then she has to control newly found talents if she’s to prevent the devil from escaping Hell This title used to be called The Guardian a Sword Stilettos

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    Thank you to Kasian Publishing Kristin D Van Risseghem for my copy of the ARC in exchange for an honest review This book was beyond cringe like seriously I was shutting one eye while suinting with the other making myself read on at some parts it was that cringey yet I loved the rest of it Yeah it was super awkward at times but I still wanted of the story and to hear about all these amazing characters that Kristin has graced us withZoe Jabril is your typical teenager trying to get through the last of her school years with her drop dead gorgeous best friend Kieran by her side until one day she and Kieran are attacked by two men which lead to Kieran's big secret Oh for sakes of the angel who would have guessed? wink wink nudge nudge Zoe starts to learn she is meant for the greater good of mankind and all in its path dun dun DUN dramatic enough? no not yet not while prom is around the corner and with one hot stranger here to stay what could be important? Your life? COURSE NOTSo the book screams YA cliché from the beginning until the end and there is no way of getting away from it I have read the same thing over and over again yet I still seem to get captivated and I need to know what's going to happen in this one is it any different? will it end up like the rest? The book however does remind me of The Mortal Instruments a werewolf an angel fairies an awkward love triangle and the painfully annoying leading lady who I cannot stand I really did enjoy the other characters they were awesomeZoe is annoying I actually wanted to shake her until her head fell off Who actually says to a guy I need some girl time to talk about guys? It's so unnatural I just wanted her to stop in her tracks and never show herself to me in the book again HOWEVER I absolutely adore the rest of the characters Who wouldn't love two hot males with raging testosterone falling over each other for you? Then a third appearing with animal written all over him? Kirstin has made something special with these leading males I don't know who I like maybe Kieran? AHH our puppy? Well done Kirstin well done indeed I have read this kind of stuff far too many times yet something about these guys and our Sidelle I just can't stop lovingOk so there is one thing I really can't let go of and I mean really can't let it go it's that bad Our sizzling hot bad boy Nephilim who oozes sex appeal plays The Wanted I'm Glad You Came the words speak to him she starts to cry at the words he passes her a tissue are you kidding me? What is he an 8 year old girl lip syncing in front of his bedroom mirror? I then manage to get over this HUGELY CRINGEY moment then to be presented with yet another He starts to play One Direction What Makes You Beautiful they didn't speak he played that song especially for her they sit in silence NO NO NO NO NO He is some kick ass hot bit of ass and this killed him for me why Shay? Why?If you love a good ole YA classic cliché and can handle massively awkward moments with I can't live without you style love this book is for you 110% Will I be reading on in the series? Of course I am hooked on our other characters give me right this second You have played the game well Kirstin I hope you can keep my attentionPlease check out my blog wwwamandaminnockxtumblrcom thanks I elbowed his side I think you have an admirer He chuckled then ran his hand down his body That may be true but I don't think she can handle all things Shay

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    Seventeen year old Zoe Jabril's life was pretty ordinary until one day she and her best friend Kieran are attacked by two strange men When another handsome boy Shay joins the fight Kieran and Shay overcome the attacking men but when their bodies poof out of existence Zoe gets her first glimpse into a world she never knew existed Kieran and Shay explain to Zoe that they have been sent to protect her because when she was born it was believed that Zoe is a baby that was foretold in a prophecy that is going to save the world Kieran himself was assigned to be Zoe's best friend and is actually her Guardian Angel while Shay is Nephilim and has been protecting Zoe from afar The men that attacked a pair of lesser demons sent to kill Zoe The Guardian a Sword Stilettos is another series that should have easily have been a five star read for me with so many elements that I love with Angels Nephilim Demons Fairies and Werewolves all involved I knew that I was going to enjoy the story and it even started off reminding me a bit of the Mortal Instruments series which I love Unfortunately there are a few things that brought my rating down a bit in this book First was Zoe herself she's almost eighteen but yet the character was seriously lacking any maturity for someone of that age We start off with being attacked by demons and her reaction is oh look at the cute guy with the sexy eyes Really it took me until about half way through the book before I learned to tolerate her naivety and boy craziness and begin to actually enjoy the plot Also there are just some things in the book that seem a bit off as if the author is out of touch with teenagers in general such as Zoe is about to turn eighteen but yet not a senior yet in high school? I would also warn readers of the usual we must have a bit of a love triangle and the insta love involvement in the plot I tend to overlook these things but I know a lot of people would dislike either or both My only complaint was I think Zoe would at least think for a couple of minutes on how her insta love connection is with a guy that is old enough to be her grandfather but of course as I said she thought he was cute Hopefully Zoe will gain some maturity and depth to her personality as the series continues as it does have potential to be a good one In the end I decided to go with 35 stars for The Guardian a Sword Stilettos some flaws to it but if they were worked out the story could be a fun ride I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review For reviews please visit

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    Thank you NetGalley and Kesian Publishing for accepting my reuest and providing me a copy in exchange of an honest book review3 of 5 starsThe Guardian A Sword Stilettos is the book one of the Enlighten seriesIt is written on two POVs; mostly on Zoe’s and sometimes on thirdThis book is a fantasy Yes I can see it but I can’t f ing feel it I see that this book is mainly all about mythical creatures which perfectly fits for its genre But this one is so cliché And it didn’t gave me neither the feels nor satisfaction that I always get when I’m reading a fantasy book The beginning of the story already showed how cliché this story will be I already saw that scene on The Mortal Instruments It’s not perfectly the same but it’s also like that And aside of that it doesn’t also have a strong voice Reading it bores me And almost everything is so dullThere are just only three 3 things that I liked when I’m reading this this bookFirst is the Love interests I love the pairs in this book Especially the love triangle between the two hot and sizzling male creatures and an ordinary girl Yes it’s definitely cliché and I already saw that on so many popular books or movies but still there’s something special on them It actually made me jealous at some point I mean who wouldn’t want to be in that same situation just like her the ordinary girl – just except all the running hiding and fighting of the demons? Who wouldn’t? And the real feelings and intentions of both men are just so pure you would really want to read and feel them for so many freaking times And mind you not only this triangle but also all pairs in this book has the story you must watch for Each will really find a place in your heartSecond is the Title The meaning of the title Yes I already figured it out without even reaching 50% of the book I had never felt so excited figuring out a book’s title because I can’t find a reason why figured it out but this book’s excites me I mean it feels like a puzzle that I am slowly solving without me even realizing That was fun The Guardian A Sword Stilettos just perfectly makes sense It’s just that I think there’s something missing And it’s just also sad that the conseuence of having to know the meaning of the title of this book had brought me into some kind of terrible and sad conclusions But I really like Miss Kristin’s idea to have The Guardian A Sword Stiletto as the titleLastly are the Other characters Yes the “other characters” and NOT the main character I don’t like Zoe Jabril the main character She is just so typical Like reading typical ordinary girls are already used so many times so what else do I need to expect from this girl aside from her hidden powers? I like Shay and Kilean also because they are the hot and sizzling creatures I am talking about earlier They are both not typical in their own different ways I mean they just both can catch the heart of their female readers easily Their characters are so interesting Also Sidelle the popular shopaholic girl friend of our Zoe Jabril I just love her she’s so entertaining even though she is not meant to bring humor still her existence is also a big contribution to this book Also Vash even though Vash reminds me of Jacob from the Twilight series he’s still different And I just love him being his own kind of territorial He’s scary but also soft like a pup to me specially when the topic of his “mate” is being talked about He is also interesting Without these three I think I would not have even finished this book And sure enough I would not have enjoyed it So this book is fortunate enough to have these three thingsThis story has been a mix of The Mortal Instruments Twilight and Carry On for me it’s just that it doesn’t contains that much magic like Carry On by Rainbow Rowell Good vs Evil angels demons fairies werewolves and a prophecy everything was just already used for like soooo maaany freaking times I can almost recall some certain scenesparts from another book when I’m reading it I just hope Miss Kristin Risseghem had came up into uniue and convincing plot or twist And not something dull like thisI really hate reading books – especially fantasy – with cliché plot But maybe we can see what the next books in this series can offer

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    Zoe Jabril is a typical teenage girl or at least that is what she thought before she found out that her best friend is an angel and that he was assigned to watch over her That should be enough oddity in the life of one young woman but it's only the tip of the iceberg for Zoe After being attacked by demons Zoe learns that she is destined to bring the Enlightens together and bring an end to the Devil's plot to take over the world That's a lot for anyone to handle especially when one has prom to worry about and the mean girls at school just won't leave you aloneAs you may have guessed from the description The Guardian A Sword Stilettos is YA When I pick up a YA book I expect a lack of maturity and experience from the protagonist but Zoe takes the cake The devil is sending demon assassins to kill Zoe and what is she concerned about? Well finding the perfect prom dress naturally and of course her first kiss If that were not enough Zoe keeps bringing up learning to defend herself but somehow never gets around to that what with all the angst about which of her immortal male love interests to choose fromSpeaking of immortal love interests I have to say for the record that the idea of an 80 year old Nephilim and an ancient angel in love with and pursuing a 17 year old girl because she is the chosen one is just wrong First off both Shay and Kieran have been watching over Zoe since the day of her birth and when she became a teenager they both suddenly began to feel an attraction to her Ummm creepy in fact super creepy Zoe does actually call Shay a stalker but still yet continues in her relationship with him because well woo woo naturally Shay causes her to tingle so the fact that he watched her from the cradle and is actually old enough to at the very least be her grandfather is supposedly no big deal Had the nature of Zoe's relationship with Shay and the age difference actually been something Zoe actively thought about and tried to negotiate I could have tolerated it better Instead what we got was Zoe angsting about the fact that she has feelings for Shay and not for her best friend I suppose I should simply be thankful that VanRisseghem didn't drag out the love triangle for too longIf you can get over the creepy pedophile type feeling of both Shay and Kieran there's also the issue that they read like teenage boys Yes in terms of immortals they are young but neither one of the two should actually sound or feel like they fit in at high school On their first date Shay even plays a One Direction song for Zoe What teenage boy listens to One Direction let alone a Nephlim who has been alive for eighty years? When Shay was 17 WWII was just starting How does someone like that relate to One Direction? It's ridiculous and feels like Van Risseghem was just trying to sueeze in some youthful references Look teenagers are just as diverse as adults and perhaps Van Risseghem should spend some time with a few to get a better sense of what they are like Yes some are going to be obsessed with the latest boy band and prom while others are goal oriented and have real awareness of this world All in all much of Van Risseghem's characterisation feels forced unrealistic and triteRead More

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    Review Copy from Author for visit Literary ly ObsessedThis just wasn’t for me; this book came across as too similar to other YA novels such as The Mortal Instruments Fallen The Iron Fey and TwilightSeventeen year old Zoe like many heroines thinks she leads a normal simple life when in fact she has been prophesied to end the war against evil in a world filled with angels demons werewolves and fairies Zoe’s best friend Kieran is an angel and is tasked with protecting her with his life the same is also expected from Shay; a nephilim Zoe must wait until her 18th birthday in which the ‘heavens mark’ will appear and she will wield powers like no one before her she’s not angel nor nephilim but something else which makes her truly dangerous in the eyes of the Devil who will stop at nothing to destroy herThe book showed such great promise early on with an awesome friendship unreuited love and a hot new bad boy in town however it slowly developed into an insta love romance with the word ‘soul mate’ being tossed around It was this and the mentioning of music such as One Direction and The Wanted that maybe should have came across as trendycurrent but instead added a little too much cheese and eye rolling for my tasteFor me the best part of this book were the secondary characters I really loved Sidelle the fairy and her obvious boyfriendex boyfriend Finn They have great chemistry and a humorous back and forth; I would absolutely love for a book to be written about these twoThere wasn't enough going on to become fully invested in this book because it mostly centred around Zoe predicting what she is and what powers she will possess and the obvious romance with Shay Although the ending of this book has been perfectly set up for the next which promises exciting things to come The future of this series promises for a action and hopefully a love interest for poor Kieran This was a good start for a debut novel that I hope will flourish in the future

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    This is such a fun story with a great voice The characters and the plot keep you reading till the very last page and it leaves you wanting the next book and the next and the next There is a character for everyone and they're each full of personality It's plot driven which I love and I didn't see several things coming which I love even I was lucky enough to read this book in several stages and I am so happy to be able to finally give it an official review I can't wait for the next installment I'd recommend and have and ill definitely read the whole series

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    Swords Stilettos the first book in Kristin D Van Risseghem’s Enlighten series is one of those books to have caught my attention uite a few times As someone who enjoyed an interesting angel read I was than willing to see if the book would deliver all I had hoped forIn truth this book wasn’t uite what I had expected It was interesting enough but it did not blow my mind I want to know what happens next I’ll certainly be giving the next book a read but I’m in no rush to find out how everything comes together My curiosity exists but it is not that powerfulI think my biggest issue is that it fell into the young adult trap I find myself unable to enjoy You see a lot of the book seemed to focus upon high school drama There were interesting supernatural elements thrown throughout – and I really want to find out in the future books – yet the majority of the story seemed to get stuck dealing with all the high school drama I would have preferred less of the drama and of the actionAs I’ve said though although I wasn’t crazy about this one I am interested in seeing where things go from here There were plenty of things introduced in this one and I’m curious as to how everything plays out I’ll be crossing my fingers that the future books in the series pick up the action and deliver the full potential

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    A wonderful YA tale that takes you right in for the ride Can't wait to read the other books in the series

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    I'm not the biggest fan of angel books yet I keep reading them This one was better than others I've read Zoe is a great character who holds her own she seems smart and confident that is until she learns about angels and secrets Then her constant uestioning got annoying I mean I understand why but as she's supposed to be learning I couldn't keep trackThis mix of angels vs demons is a good concept and works well to add drama to an ordinary setting but adding werewolves and fairies felt too muchI did enjoy the story and I do have the seuel in my collection which I will read I really want to see Zoe gain her full powers as was prophecised Hopefully there will be less confusion and action

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    2The Guardian a Sword Stilletos is a yateen novel It plays on the fantasy genre and follows Zoe our protagonist who finds out she is destined to fulfill a world saving prophesy She has a best friend Kieran whom she later finds out is an angel and is in fact in love with her However bad boy and half angel Shay comes in the picture and steals her heart as her potential soulmate instead Both have been appointed to look over her as her 18th B day is destined to reveal what she truly is and if she is capable to make true to the prophecy Not only that but her best friend is a faerie and is ordered by the summer court to guard her as well So overall this book has been a flop with me I really have not to much to say about it other then that I had to force myself to read on The writing is mehh The characters specially Zoe are shallow I wanted to gag every time Zoe and Shay had a scene and the behaviors of all these characters are so far fetched it was bordering on ridiculous I've lost count on how many times I rolled my eyes to the point the people on the bus I commute with must have thought I was having an aneurismWe are talking eternal beings here or with a longer lifespan and the fact that they are all googly eying Zoe who is a pretentious 17yo with the mind set of a hormonal 12yo who constantly needs girl talk to analyze her bad ass macho car driving nephilim sugar daddy 4x her age is crazy The fact that said girl is her faerie friend who is eons old and cant wait to get that gossip is eually as farfetched It cant be that bad right? I will humor you with the below uotes His smile was uit thoughtful Maybe I'm just being selfish He had his chance with you in the past and he blew it Now I'm here and I want your future What does a girl say to that? The correct answer is nothing you run like hell wondering where the hell he picked that line up once you found out he has stalked you your whole life She'd always been pretty but wow When I studied her now she was a human sized Tinkebell I had no idea how she'd react to that comparison You are my problem' she exclaimed You're just an average girl maybe even below average and you have no special ualities your parents aren't rich and you don't even wear the right clothesAnd my favorite out of all of them I couldn't take my eyes off him He opened the door an helped me in and my eyes followed his body as he walked around the front of the car He started the engine and 'What Makes You Beautiful' by One Direction flowed from the speakers We didn't speak and when it ended he smiled I knew he'd played the song for me There is no way in hell you can convince me anyone would have willingly played that songAhem okay So overall there is not a whole lot of action other then hand holding and kissing and Zoe whining about her doubts and boys And anyone looking for a gripping story will need to look elsewhere I can highly recommend Angelfall if your into angels or Whirl if your into prophecies and kick ass girls acting their ageWould I recommend it?No