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In an attempt to control their starving nations Governments world wide have instituted a harsher punishment system of reformation clinics Can Alexandra infiltrate Serbsy or is the asylum paranoid than ever? Determined to the unravel Aradia's disappearance once Roman embarks on a perilous journey there is no turning back Now in hiding trying to make sense of a world she knows nothing of how long until Toki is in danger's way once ? Then there’s the organisation that is collecting alternates Project Mayhem is the second book in the Project Butterfly Series A story of continuing strife in a world where humans and alternates are created eual

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    Yet another well researched exciting frightening eye opening book by K A Angliss A brilliant well anticipated seuel The author has not just rehashed the first novel or extended it over like a continuing drama but instead has used an extra pot of twists ideas and lines to compliment her already highly original brainchild and theories that are uite believable making this novel all the frightening But it's not pure horror and has many facets The characters not only the humans and their relationships are touchingly sad and you cannot help but feel empathy and their fear Never a dull moment as the book carries you along at a pace which holds your attention throughout

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    5 star review for Project Mayhem by Kelli Angliss By lynnnannaFormatKindle EditionI purchased this book directly from the Author because I like signed copies and having read the first I was anticipating enjoying the secondThis book was every bit as good as the first the suspense keeps you gripped throughout this is a thoroughly enjoyable read although I tried to keep the thought that these things really do happen out of my mind I recommend this author to all

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    It has taken me a while to get through this book but not because of the book There are a handful of typos but very minor The reason it took me so long was every time I sat down to read somebody would call or I had a work dilemna I will definitely be reading this again Even with the interruptions to my reading each time I went back to the book I fell right into it The characters are vibrant and rememberable and the concept is uniueI enjoyed how all the characters through the course of the story fell into the plot together And how the author painted a world both like and unlike the world we live in today Genetic experiments people with incredible gifts who the government sends to”clinics” It was full of intrigue The type of book I enjoy reading straight through without interruption I’ll be reading again

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    Great seuel to the first book and looking forward to the third to tie up the loose ends especially those 2 in the lab Characters are building brilliantly and the new characters are really well written too Love the subject and you can tell how much research has gone into this book by the author If you like thrillers true life 'conspiracies' and a few scares along the way I recommend this book 100%

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    FACTIONI usually avoid reading seuels as they never seem to live up to the first edition however I am glad that I made an exception with Project Mayhem Ms Angliss has cleverly interwoven fact with fiction to create believable characters and plot lines and in so doing has developed a book that will have readers experiencing a roller coaster of emotions

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    This book was entered in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards This is what our readers thoughtTitle Project MayhemAuthor K A AnglissStar Rating 3 StarsNumber of Readers 16StatsEditing 710Style 810Content 710Cover 510Of the 16 readers9 would read another book by this author2 thought the cover was good or excellent3 felt the blurb was enticing13 felt the blurb was overly complicated9 thought the well developed characters were the best part of the book8 suggested having a new coverReaders’ Comments‘A lot of interesting ideas in this story A complicated read with a large number of plots and characters I enjoyed it very much but I had to work Poor cover and overly complicated blurb’ Woman aged 34‘I enjoyed this author’s two books although I did enjoy the first book considerably The characters were fascinating and interesting to follow and the setting was well described A bit disturbing in parts Poor cover and confusing blurb I’d be happy to recommend this author’s books’ Male reader aged 34‘Frightening and exciting all the way to the end’ Male reader aged 18‘I liked the way the author mixed reality with fantasy Had a sort of Hunger Games feel to it Packaging needs work ie blurb and cover’ Male reader publisher aged 41 ‘A frightening yet fascinating read’ The Wishing Shelf Book Awards