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Dr Valerie Archer is a beautiful researcher who yearns to make contact with a rud and yet undiscovered tribe deep in the heart of the rainforest After she makes contact with a previously unknown tribe she realizes something amazing All of the tribe are beautiful women Or are they? Valerie is soon treated to a tribal ceremony where she makes a shocking futa discovery and learns of the tribes fertile and creamy plans for her Look inside for a hot preview and enjoy this amazing futa tale from the chart topping author of Warlock to Witch and He's my Sissy Wife

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    Dr Archer is a hot and sexy anthropologist who has learned of a new tribe in the rainforest Unable to secure a proper grant she travels to the jungle alone and discovers something amazing—the tribe are all futasThe futas are holding a fertility ritual and Dr Archer can't help growing aroused as the futas each mount the 'mother of the tribe' a non futa woman being bred over and over But when Dr Archer reveals that she is not a futa the tribe are excited to breed another 'mother of the tribe'Taken by the futa tribe is a hot read full of futa's breeding hot women lactation and heaving bodies Elena pens an exciting read that leaves you wanting to read And luckily there is So if you're a fan of futa on female fun than you'll love Taken by the Futa Tribe