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Have you ever felt like there’s something holding you back?Maybe that something is you   Sometimes the one thing you need to make a change is to see things from a fresh perspective Discover twenty one innovative emotional explorations to boldly confront the habits that are holding you back in this breakthrough guide that provides the tools you need to fearlessly embrace your innermost desiresDrawing from her own transformational experiences Shannon Kaiser’s program utilizes an empowering process that encourages you to go on adventures for your soul so you can• Achieve your goals• Remove limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns• Feel freedom from fear and live with purpose and passion• Be unapologetic about your innermost desires• And make happiness your natural way of lifeBy focusing on how your life feels instead of how it looks on the outside you can passionately experience your own life adventures By changing the way you see yourself you can ultimately live life to the fullest

10 thoughts on “Adventures for Your Soul 21 Ways to Transform Your Habits and Reach Your Full Potential

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    This is the first book added to my new Come on y'all Goodreads shelf and the first book I deem worthy of this title I tried I really tried I did I am not a very woo woo you're a magic butterfly that just needs green juice to manifest your true potential type of person I tried That being said there were several things about this book I could not get past Spelling errors and grammatical errors throughout There are people who will say that happens in every book and that's fine for them to say In the first 40 pages alone I found multiple basic spelling errors that should have been caught during proofreading Manifest an editor or proofreader next time This book offers encouragement which is great However blind encouragement does not help anything get done Sending love and light doesn't pay my water bill Come on y'all The advice and weekly mantras are nothing that Buzzfeed and generic Instagram uotes over a picture of the ocean can't tell you Follow your joy route Find your purpose and passion Dress your family in corduroy and denim The last is a joke Don't worry If you are a person like me who is self motivated and interested in self improvement that gives you a kick in the ass instead of a pat on the head this is not for you If you consider manifestation and the law of attraction to be real things you'll probably love this and also can you teach me how to pay my water bill with love and light? Thanks

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    I always do a fair amount of soul searching on a regular basis in my ongoing uest to be the best me I can be Sometimes I search than others Lately I find myself doing a lot of searching and asking myself is this really what I want for my life? I have to say no Somewhere along the line I found myself doing the safe thing and I stopped following my dream and that's just sad That's where this book comes in though Shannon was at a point where I am and she knows what uestions to ask so that I can start thinking about how to go about grabbing my proverbial machete getting out of the weeds and winding up back on my highway to bliss I bookmarked and highlighted uite a lot of this book but this alone is worth the price Worrying is nothing than praying for what you don't want

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    More of a 375 I don't know how to review this book In some ways it did help me in others it didn't I liked the motivational mantras at the end of each chapter One thing I was not a fan of was her self promoting in this book it felt like in every chapter she was promoting of her books or websites I couldn't keep up with all of the books she mentioned so I just gave up I think you should read this book but go into it knowing it will help everyone in different ways

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    I had read a lot of wonderful reviews on this book prior to purchasing But I honestly cannot get through the first 50 pages without feeling as if it's a chore to read I did not finish this book I gave it two chances and just couldn't get into

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    One of the best books I have ever read Each morning I woke up excited to sit at my desk read a chapter and journal that chapter's 'Awesome Actions' I feel like I have so much clarity on what it is I want to do with my life Thank you Shannon for writing this book It truly is a gift

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    A new favorite

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    The second time through reading this was a great refresher I still loved it Have you ever felt like there should be to your life? Maybe that you aren't where you should be and you aren't even close to tapping into your potential? Feeling afraid because of all that? Read this bookFinally done with this one and not because it was boring or long When I picked up this book and made it though the first chapter I had highlighted 10 or different uotes so I really let myself take my time to get through this so I could soak it all up This book came into my hands right when I needed it like magic It touched on so many struggles I've been dealing with lately and really broke things down for me when it comes to being able to achieve my goals So much positive affirmation and soul digging going on here I'm thankful for the things that I've learned There were sooooooo many things that gave me ah ha Moments that I can't even begin to touch on them here This one with all my sloppy highlights and book markers will be staying on my shelf for a long time

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    I had a hard time getting through this book partly because the author's voice is somehow demotivating even with her being a life coach I was trying to understand the flow of the book all the way through I feel I would have connected with the book if the author would have broken her concepts into tangible action steps Saying that we should simply visualize a situation and then give love and light to the situation isn't enough to hold onto I can see this book being a great fit for a few of my friends but it wasn't a hit for me

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    It took me almost a year to read this but that proved to be a pretty great experience of getting through it Often it seemed the chapter I was reading was perfect for whatever was going on in my life Yes this is totally the kind of book that narrates optimism on steroids and reuired me to ignore some of the commentary within but I enjoyed most of the messages overall It's good to be good to yourself especially because it makes it easier to be good to othersAnd how could I forget the journaling? As a writer of course I loved having the exercises and reflections

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    Wow this took me 5 months to finish That should say something right there I enjoyed a lot of this book and thought this exercises at the end of each chapter could be uite helpful I just didn't relate to a lot of the stories she told about herself and others Which is fine It just makes it hard to really soak in the message when you're wondering Wait what situations in my life can I apply this to? Overall a really great book for someone who is struggling to finally find their path or who is terrified to take that path