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For than a decade Seattle's award winning Cafe Flora has been serving up ingenious vegetarian and vegan dishes which have become so popular that even meat lovers long for the taste of their Portobello Wellington or Oaxaca Tacos Now from brunch dishes to appetizers and main courses to sides salads and condiments here are 250 of its original recipes with detailed instructions clearly presented to save time cooking and cleaning up Along with serving and presentation suggestions substitutions where appropriate and a host of other culinary tips and advice Cafe Flora Cookbook embodies the true genius of this inventive restaurant

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    This sat on the bookshelf for some time the recipes are a bit labor intensive than most for vegetarian meals BUT we love the restaurant and I have been plowing through this book lately COV 19 lock down the recipes are worth the work and show stopper vegetarian meals just like the restaurantVery impressed and highly recommend

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    This was an impulse purchase when I lived in Bellingham The bookstore in Fairhaven wrote these great little in store reviews of their favorite books and I'm a sucker for cookbooks especially cookbooks after interesting vegetarian restaurants based in nearby Seattle so I bought itUpdated 21109 This impulse purchase is collecting dust on my shelf since after making two or three recipes from this book I've realized they're overly complicated I'd rather splurge a little and eat at the restaurant than attempt to make three recipes in one recipe I'll still keep the book and flip through it every once in awhile but it's not on my top list of favorite cookbooks

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    I ate at Cafe Flora a few times years ago when I lived in Seattle I stumbled across the cookbook in a used bookstore and had to buy it A good selection of vegetarian and vegan recipes I have many recipes tagged to make but the Roasted Garlic Dijon Lentil Soup was the first I tried Excellent flavor Here's a link to the recipepost

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    Awesome vegetarian cookbook Almost everything I have made from this book has been fantastic I've made soups sandwiches wellingtons salads grains and sauces and after each one I've been even impressed than before I know this cookbook will continue to be a staple in my cooking The satisfy vegetarians and non vegetarians alike

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    The enchiladas I think called something like smoky tomato yam mushroom enchiladas? are a favorite at our house and this is the recipe I use when making my own enchilada sauce The seitan fajitas are also a big hit I love brunch at Cafe Flora especially waffles with mascarpone but only really tried the dinner recipes from this book

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    Best cookbook I've ever had It's classy yet simple enough to be the kind of ingredients you have hanging around your kitchen anyways My favorites include the Oaxaca Tacos and the Curry Lentil uinoa Burgers On top of the uniue combinations and surprises this book will offer you know that about 50% of this book is vegetarian and about 50% vegan

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    My most recent cookbook addition and I love it I've never been to the restaurant but now I really want to go I've made almost every pizza in here as well as most of the entrees They are a little time intensive but worth it

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    This one is fun I keep thinking i should give it away and then im charmed by it again thinking im totally going to make that recipe this timeand it survives every cookbook purge and stands smug in its self value Just a really nice cookbook

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    The Bellevue of vegetarian cookbooks This is full of recipes to impress but not for anyone looking to whip something up in a hurry from what is in your cupboard Each recipe will reuire a run to the store Excellent for turning omnivore foodies into vegetarians

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    Yum Great recipes Great read fantastic restaurant Thanks Steph