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A shocking exposé of widespread corruption and mob influence throughout the National Football League—on the field in the owners’ boxes and in the corporate suitesAccording to investigative journalist Dan E Moldea for decades the National Football League has had a strong and unspoken understanding with a dangerous institution organized crime In his classic exposé Interference Moldea bares the dark sordid underbelly of America’s favorite professional team sport revealing a nest of corruption that the league has largely ignored since its inceptionBased on intensive research and in depth interviews with coaches players mobsters bookies gamblers referees and league officials—including some of the sport’s all time greats—the author’s shocking allegations suggest that the betting line is firmly in the hands of the mob who occasionally manipulate the on field action for maximum profit Interference chronicles a long standing history of gambling drugs and extortion of point shaving and game fixing and reveals the eye opening truth about numerous gridiron contests where the final results were determined even before the kickoff Moldea exposes the mob connections of many of the team owners and their startling complicity in illegal gambling operations while showing how NFL internal security has managed to uash nearly every investigation into illegality and corruption within the professional football world before it could get off the ground Provocative disturbing and controversial Interference is a must read for football fans and detractors alike offering indisputable proof that what’s really happening on the field in the locker room and behind the scenes is a whole different ball game

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    An in depth almost encyclopedic look at how organized crime has influenced the NFL since its beginning It's almost stunning that this book seems to have been lost to the test of time From the real life characters from Martin Scorsese's Casino determining how NFL lines are set to how NFL owners past maybe present? have been openly betting on their own teams to how the government has had a shady agreement with the NFL about the behavior of both organized crime and the league's players this book is an amazing look at the underbelly of professional football in America

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    Great but at times a dry read As you read this book think of the movie Casino It came out six years after this book was written This book will be used as fodder for people who think every ref is on the take and after reading the book I can see why Would love to read an updated book on this subject Seems to me things are progressively worse in the NFL now days

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    This is so dry and comprehensive that it's hard to read I got non fictioned out

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    The first amendment case regarding the book in the epilogue was interesting than most of the content in the book