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Alternative Cover Edition ASIN B00HJ695KOName? he demanded Sarah Mackenzie She swallowed hard She would be like the ones who had fallen her remains something to be cleaned from the floor Age? She tried not to tense when he brought his face to her neck and inhaled deeply Twenty two The lie tried to stick in her throat He pulled back and gave her a dark look Try again Eighteen she whispered tensing when his lips pulled back from his teeth in a shark smile A lie Sarah? How nice that you are not as innocent as you look In The Corridor there are the immortal Dems and the human handlers who guard them When the leader of the Dems gets a handler straight out of training she is not expected to live beyond her first day She is everything he hates and he is everything she fears but an accident permanently binds them together With corruption growing among the humans and the threat of war they must escape The Corridor and find common ground in a place with No Light

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    This book was at best OK The actual writing itself is fine though it needed another edit but the story is so full of inconsistencies insubstantial world building poor character development and absent emotional growth that it pains me to discuss itI'll start with Sarah For 23 of the book she is such a limp noodle so weak and scared of everything that she literally can't even communicate in complete sentences just stutters and apologies Then for the last 13 she miraculously with no apparent instigation for change becomes a strong willed brave stand up for herself and those she loves fighter and I was left thinking 'this is not the same girl' Her character was wholly inconsistentThen there is Farran He too has an instant and unfollowable change of temperament For 23 of the book he's gruff and unfeeling hates humans and barely tolerates Sarah Then he morphed into an expressive demonstrative lovely man What? How? Why?The plotit makes no sense The Dems are imprisoned on what I assume is Earth They are bigger and significantly stronger than humans They can see in complete darkness heal almost instantly and are maybe psychic But they are guarded by a single person with nothing than a stun gun What's they always seemed to be alone with that guard or at least Sarah and Farran doPlus it's inferred that Sarah is assigned to Farran because she's the only day guard in the current training class therefore the only one available But what makes a day guard morning guard or night guard different is never addressed If it's just preference for time of shift and it's shown guards can change shifts why does it matter? Even to the point couldn't someone cover the shift long enough for Sarah to at least get trained?Plus again if a Dem has three guards why is the day guard the only one referred to as 'his handler?' What about the other two do they not count and if not why not? Nothing about the prison setting handlerguard set up makes any sense NOTHINGThen there is the Marking which I suppose is intended as the romance Farran marked Sarah by accident That's right he didn't mean to and he even actively disliked and was disgusted by her at the time and for most of the book But that marking which should take years to develop is unusually strong but we're never told why And in and among all this being disgusted by Sarah and Sarah being terrified of Farran they're supposed to have fallen in love I saw no indication of this until BAM love But it's anyone's guess what it's based on She'd hardly even been able to speak to him and he did nothing but snarl and bark at herThen there is the world buildingoh wait no there isn't There really isn't any world building to speak of sorryThere are also some really cliché scenes For example the alternative love interest taking her clothes shopping and changing the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan with the help of his riches and a good sales girl Meh This same theme is echoed in Farran picking out Sarah's clothes for her Because obviously what a girl looks like and how she visually presents herself is sooo important Lastly or the last thing I'll mention for fear of appearing to attack a book some of the plot devices are extremely obvious As an example Farran has no problem understanding humanity or communicating In fact for much of the book I wondered how everyone did communicate so easily—newly arrived aliens even using English when conversing among themselves for example But toward the end he is painfully dense and unable to understand why he's ineffectively communicated an important point which leads to Sarah running out and committing the reuisite TSTL acts and obviously needing rescue The set up on that scenario was so obvious I could have provided bullet points before reading it Similarly Sarah's inability to see the obvious so that the author could drag it out as a big 'Ta Da' at the end was worth at least one eye roll The writing does have an appreciable eerie feel to it I liked Farran's Colonels They were funny I liked that Luke seemed to have a little grey to his character He genuinely seemed to want to help Sarah but was in too deep to be able to do it I liked that the Dems actually committed violence that supported the claim that they were dangerous as opposed to the reader being told they're dangerous but never seeing anything to prove it I'll even grant that the boook lacked the normal NA angst about sex for which I'll thank every literary god there is So it's not that there wasn't anything I liked about the book But the dislikes outnumbered the likes by a significant amount And the totally sappy ending was my final straw really shudder

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    I love finding hidden gems and No Light by Devi Mara was such a find I was intrigued by the description and other reviews of the book but didn't really know what to expect I've never read anything uite like this novel so it is difficult to classify I would describe No Light as romantic futuristic science fiction but it has an almost Gothic feeling to it There is something sinister afoot and you're pulled into discovering it along with Sarah from the get go I loved the mystery surrounding the Dem an alien race imprisoned in The Corridor an underground facility on a futuristic Earth Sarah works there as a novice handler and she is assigned to the Dem Farran coded Black as being highly aggressive and volatile He is a high ranking General in the Dem society which is based on hierarchies of respect This is an immortal alien culture and it is engrossing to discover along with Sarah the intricacies upon which they function especially what it means to be Marked by a Dem This is in no way an erotic story with only one non descriptive bedroom scene but the sexual undercurrent is strong throughout the book and I simply had to keep reading to discover what would happen next I didn't really mind the lack of eroticism at all because I was so otherwise engrossed with this book and as such I highly recommend you read No Light for yourself especially if you want to experience a cross genre futuristic science fiction Gothic romance like nothing else out there

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    This book made my head hurt I read the whole thing mad The book is written so at first we have no idea what is going on The heroine understands very little and we get to know even less that she does It is all very foggy Then we learn but never really enough Then the badass immortal alien prison falls for a dish towel heroine who isn't really but how would we or he knowThey take forever to have sex which makes sense given the prison revolt and all but it is still super odd in terms of romantic love A fog rolls in but the action picks up The tone has a lot in common with horror romance but not So I was compelled by something to finish the book and was happier by the end but disgruntled feeling that writing played games with me and I never attached to anything Then I read the next book in the series which is much clearerSo I wouldn't recommend this book I some how got sucked in the vortex of trying to figure it out but didn't enjoy myself and I need joy

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    To be honest I have not finished reading this book and currently at around 18% in reader But God the h makes me cringe Her only major dialouge is ' i'm sorry' that statement is repeated at least 15 times till now I just want to snap off her neckI have read many books with TSTL hs' but this one is the first where the h is too stupid to speakThe word building sentences everything is done well and flow is easy to read but whenever the h comes into picture the pace drags which is unfortunate as she is a central character I will read this but probably not at my usual pace Disappointing as of now

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    What happened?the entire plot is very confusing with the author giving certain details of a foggy background throughout of what happened to this race or why they were imprisoned in the first place but even in the end you are left with uestions on why I think it would have been great if the author spent time setting the foundation and then exploring the actual emotions reasoning behind the characters emotions or changes thereof overall I was into it but after finishing it I was severely disappointed with all the loose ends which should have been tied up

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    OKI REALLY ONLY HAVE ONE COMPLAINT ABOUT THIS BOOK gggrrrr Sara has got to be the most weak heroine I have ever read about REALLY She has no back bone or fire I am truly disgusted with this caricature OK just had to get that off my chest On that note I'm pleased with the rest of this bookThis was a really a great book

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    35 375 ⭐This was a KU There are so many things wrong with this book I don't know where to start Immortal hunks the Dems are imprisoned underground and are watched over by handlers it's not really explained who or what the Dems are I have no clue why they were imprisoned The H Farran is a real jerk The h Sarah is absolutely tstl The majority of her dialog is I'm sorry Somewhere in this plot mess Farran 'marks' Sarah and transfers some of his life force to her With it she's able to heal faster Somehow Farran and Sarah become a couple I'm really not sure how all that happened Then Farran's brother shows up determined to break the bond and 'free' his brother As strange as it is I did enjoy this book kind of like slowing down to rubber neck a car accident I thought I'd get info in the second book so I moved on

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    Good startI read book 3 before this one so didn't really know what was happening but now it makes a bit sense Looking forward to book 2

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    I did not fully understand what was happening throughout most of the story and not a lot of facts have been given here but surprisingly the book did not only work for me it had me completely engrossed in the story trying to figure out what was what and I practically flew through it The writing was great and I liked that all those things that usually annoy me were somehow presented in a way that did not bother me at all I had an amazing time reading it and I fully intend to pick up the next book in the series

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    The story is so good This world that the author has created is phenomenal I loved Faran and Sarah I've re read this book 3 times since I found it years ago You keep reading it and it's just such a sweet romantic story Thank you for this love story Devi Mara This couple is a trophy in my hall of fame couples