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Alexander Lambeth 5th Earl of Grenville only had eyes for the fair Lady Elizabeth during his first London Season Unfortunately Elizabeth’s father brokered her marriage to another Fancying himself broken hearted Alex consented to a loveless union with Lady Felicity daughter of wealthy Lord Morecombe Five years into his marriage his first love is widowed and Alex’s wife seems to believe he will waste no time making Lady Elizabeth his mistress As Felicity chooses to live apart from him a surprisingly difficult choice is thrust upon Alex Whom does he truly desire—the ethereal Elizabeth or the maddening Felicity?

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    I liked the idea of this plot but was a little disappointed with the execution We're five years into a marriage of convenience where the wife Felicity has always loved her husband Alexander but Alex is still carrying a torch for Elizabeth the lovely girl whose father married her off to an older and richer man In despair and needing money he married Felicity when her father offers a fat dowry Felicity and Alex have been bumping along reasonably well but when Elizabeth's husband unexpectedly dies they both need to come to terms with their feelings and their relationshipI had issues with Alex who acted like an idiot far too often for my taste and it's a melodramatic predictable plot of course Alex finally figures out view spoilerhe loves Felicity when she's seriously injured hide spoiler

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    I am the author however I have to say that this is my favorite of the Regency romances that I have written It is not a bon bon It has some heft to it The uestion it primarily deal with is what is true love and what is infatuation? Can true love stir the blood into a passionate romance?

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    I had tacked a lot of hope on this book to deliver some piteous and tear jerking angstBut the marital travails of Lord and Lady Granville proved only dreary and a tad humbugThe H is the usual beta bustard hung on and clinging there his falsely idealized and much married ex the girl he loved and wished to marry but couldn't Through his own marriagemoc of 4 5 years he has resented and treated his own wife with scant warmth or regard He adores their son but he has no use for his wife outside the bedroom Oh he has plenty regard for the funds that came in her dowry and that's the general picture The book opens on the long suffering h announcing the newly widowed state of his lady love and then she moves to her father's house ostensibly to look after her ill father but it's her way of giving him a silent ultimatum If he intends to pick up with his ex she's not coming back All good but the book suffers due to some wooden writing and for being very predictable and for not having exciting events and goings on The angst maintains a bare minimum level when it could have sky rocketed with this plot line Courtesy the H Though he doesn't respond to the ow's clever and clear overtures and comes to his better but unarticulated senses midway he drags down things with his confused thoughts and actions or rather inactions in assuring his wife and others of his devotion to her and his marriage So neither does he take up with the ow nor does he make up to his wife and that's how the pages are filledIt's not all bad The trope of loveless marriages and a H's stupid pining for another woman can never really fail The h also saves the book She's a strong and clear minded The SIL's antipathy to the h provides a fleeting curiosity factor and also the needed angst Why she wasn't pulled up for her meddling is another matter

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    I uickly downloaded this one when I saw the plot I’ve read a lot of regencies and I don’t think I’ve come across one with this same plot before Alex and Elizabeth were in love but Elizabeth’s father was against the match and had her marry his friend instead Alex is heartbroken and in desperation marries Felicity Felicity had been in love with Alex since the moment she saw him across a crowded ballroom Five years and one son later their world is shaken when Elizabeth becomes a widow Felicity believes now that Elizabeth is free her husband will waste no time in rekindling their relationship In an attempt to guard her heart she pushes Alex away For the first time in five years Alex really has to examine his feelings and decide who he loves and wants to spend his life with I think Felicity has spent the past five years trying to win her husband over by being the perfect wife I would have liked to see a little fight in her especially where his sister was concerned That lady was just plain mean and Felicity just put up with it I couldn't understand how Alex could allow her cruel treatment for so long I get that most of it was probably behind his back but he knew they didn't like each other and never once tried to find out why I liked Felicity I truly felt sorry for her and had no idea how she handled being married to someone who was clearly in love with someone else I will give credit to Alex for being faithful at least physically to Felicity throughout their marriage and treating her well for the most part I liked that Felicity wasn’t just going to stand by and watch Alex get back together with his ex I kind of thought she should have fought for him but at the same time realized why she would be so cautious and admit I probably would have done the same and would expect him to fight for their relationshipAlex drove me nuts It took him forever to figure things out and was continually thinking Felicity was a difficult wife when really it was all his own doing He makes some dumb mistakes and I wanted to shake him a few times but he eventually redeems himself I never really saw what he saw in Elizabeth she had less page time than I was expecting Overall I thought this was a fun regency I liked that the plot was uniue and thought the whole situation was handled well ContentRomance Clean view spoilerMild innuendo talk of the married couple having a happy sex life no details Talk of taking a mistress no details hide spoiler

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    The premise alone made this book compelling but the prose wasn't emotive enough to deeply engage my sympathies with Alex and Felicity's dilemma Alex and Felicity were likable overall though Their son Jack was adorable I loved how tender and loving they were with him He was the glue that held them together Falling apart is what Felicity tried her best not to do when confronted by the real possibility of losing Alex completely But I felt Felicity gave up too easily by running away figuratively and literally on several occasions On the one hand I understood her attempt to minimize her pain On the other I felt she caused herself pain by not holding her ground and fighting for Alex on the front lines so to speakShakespeare was wise indeed when he penned the phrase To thine own self be true Alex did the opposite and in doing so jeopardized his marriage The plot device that forced Alex to finally admit his true feelings for Felicity was a bit trite view spoilerShe almost died in a burglary attempt hide spoiler

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    I enjoyed this one because I'm a glutton for pining esp when it's unreuited or seemingly so at least but Alex made me so angry throughout the book I wish he had groveled because he made his awesome loyal wife look like a fool so many times

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    Enjoyable conflict filled romanceFelicity and Alex have been married for five years when his first love becomes widowed Felicity has always known that she was not Alex's first choice Between gossip and unhelpful family members felicity worries that he will choose to go back with his first love Elizabeth He was certainly tempted when he heard the news Felicity I thought gave up too early She was in love with him and she should have wanted to fight for him There are many events that occur to cause a division which Alex faces that means he has as big decision to make Stay with his wife of five years or pick up with Elizabeth It kept me interested and I liked Alex as a father Felicity was a wonderful mother and so their son jack was a very loved happy child I wanted the family to be happy and stay together I sure rooted for Felicity and Alex to work through their problems and survive all the intrusions in their lives I liked the book a lot It had warm feelings all through it Sure it was a little aggravating but that kept it from being boring I would really like to read the rest of the Grenville Chronicles by G G Vandagriff

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    Arranged marriage is one of my favorite plots Alex have to marry a woman with money because his lovely one married another and Alex was a poor Lord Its his duty and different from almost every novel that I read that the couple barely speak or have any real affection Here Alex and Felicity have a good marriage yet fraternalThere is no cheating actually the H was with his former lover just he refuse to acknownledge that he has a good woman It was juvenile love Elizabeth make no impact after she become a widowI like Felicity yet she should be fierce At least her husband have some respect towards even with would have a mistress They did not talk deep feelings she knew why he married her and yet she become very indecise to me And another twist that I thought was just to add informationWhat botter me was how his sister treat his wife and I am saying about years and he not once call ou his sister I despise her And him And Felicity to accept that easily I do not belive that his sister was sorry She did not even ask apology from he sister n law And she gains a husband after that

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    I love when a book is written in a way that it draws me into the story and makes me feel for the characters This one did a great job of eliciting emotions in me I loved the heroine and was grateful the hero finally saw the light I loved the couples devotion to their son Content Clean there is talk of a mistress and implied marital relationsSource Kindle Unlimited

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    Great plot but didn't like the H or h His first love married another so he marries h for money and didn't care about her at all Trouble is she loved him he speaks poorly about her and she knows he doesn't like her Then his ex becomes a widow and it's on It's a great plot but it was all a little too real The H was an idiot not likable The h was difficult understandable but she kept running away from everything I enjoyed this sueaky clean book but there was little romance