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After the notorious outlaws Amaranthe and Sicarius helped overthrow the corrupt faction controlling the empire and brought in a great war hero to lead the nation to prosperity they finally earned their pardons and some time off A tropical vacation cruising around in a private submarine? Perfect But their trip is interrupted by a summons from the new president they're needed back at home Trouble unlike anything they've ever dealt with threatens to destroy the capital city and throw the fledgling republic into chaosThe follow up to The Emperor's Edge series Republic takes place a few months after the events of Forged in Blood I II It is a complete 210000 word novel

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    Actual rating 45 stars➽ And the moral of this reread is things going boom sardonic eyebrows things being set on fire topless canoeing naked cooking and shirtless scampering I sense a recurring theme there things being utterly thoroughly and most irremediably destroyed courtesy of Amaranthe friends unusual that 😎 handsome pugilists non stop action slightly evil murderous plants HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Sicarius' inner sheep well hidden that one characterization so good even the nefarious flora has a complex ever developing endearing personality snail slime never leave home without it acceptable organizational paradigms Emperor Grigothferduvk the Crusty “last minute fun hijinks and saboteur trappings” I could rererererereread installments in this series forever and ever and ever and stuff and never get bored and stuff Now let's dance and stuff👋 To be continued and stuff• Book 1 The Emperor’s Edge ★★★★• Book 2 Dark Currents ★★★★• Book 3 Deadly Games ★★★★• Book 4 Conspiracy ★★★★• Book 5 Blood and Betrayal ★★★★• Book 55 Beneath the Surface ★★★★• Book 6 Forged in Blood I ★★★★• Book 7 Forged in Blood II ★★★★★• Book 9 Diplomats and Fugitives ★★★★April 2014Wow Wow Wow A seuel to what was supposed to be the last installment in the Emperor’s Edge series I couldn’t believe it when I found out that Lindsay Buroker had written Republic; when I thought that Forged in Blood II would be the very last time we read about Amaranthe and her dysfunctional gang of outlawsNeedless to say I had very high expectations for Republic The Emperor’s Edge has become one of my favourite series ever and I love Buroker’s writing especially in terms of characterization In Forged in Blood II she tied up all the loose ends nicely as the series came to its supposed conclusion Still there was still lots of room for plot and character development with the ending of the Empire and the introduction of new characters in the last instalments of the seriesWell Lindsay Buroker certainly outdid herself with Republic This could have been very tricky what with the length of the book and multiple plots POVs but Buroker handled it all to perfection So Republic is really a gigantic intoxicating cocktail with some very exciting ingredients view spoileraction humor lots of it great dialogues love them explosions submarines getting blown up man eating plants an evil cult headless corpses Maldynado Evrial living together imagine that Sespian Maldynado bonding Mahliki having a crush on Sespian Maldynado playing match maker Amaranthe Sicarius talking about having children a mini Sicarius? Boy have we come a long way since the first instalment Maldynado wearing only a soup pot in front of Evrial’s father brother people being poisoned people being locked in cider tanks a Nurian assassin who is nearly as deadly as Sicarius but not uite a child to be adopted Sespian actually calling Sicarius his father for the first time hide spoiler

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    475 This series has been a delight I wouldn't have thought that after the first book which was a bit hit and miss that it will turn into a favorite as we went on However Ms Buroker took her time and gave all the characters debt and personality making us the readers care and once that happens and the writing only gets better while the adventures only get funner well we all have a winner And after the main arc finished in the previous book I was hoping we could get of our favorite gang As the author said herself thus we have the Republic Amaranthe Sicarius Maldynado Sespian Tikaya and her daughter Mahliki are all point of view characters giving us a taste of all good things at once The only problem I had I missed them spending time as a group but I was happy with everything we could get Plus I realize they all have to find a way to live their own lives Eventually Hopefully they still come back together as often as possible Amaranthe grimaced That hm had been a rating a dubious rating of her performance “We’ve been on vacation remember? And how much exercise can one get in a tiny submarine? Aside from certain bedroom activities which I thought were actually uite vigorous and challenging in a cardiovascular way surely as good for training as jogging around the lake” While the new Republic is trying to take roots a different entity has been rooting inside the harbor of the capitol city A giant carnivorous and possibly sentient plant is making a very good try at taking over the city and the surrounding wet and dry arias Nothing seems to be deterring it from its invasive nature including all the explosives and ammunitions the army can provide President Starcrest and his wife recall Amaranthe and Sicarius from their tropical vacation with the idea to use the submarine to attack it at the root but even that seems hopeless On top of that Maldynado is having some relationship problems I wanted to hug him through most of the book and promise him that everything will be OK because he is perfect the way he is You guys have to read it to get of the story this is just a tease Maldynado does have a purse Maldynado propped a fist on his hip “I do not That’s a man bag Full of manly things” Last I saw it had cedar candles and perfumes in it “Cologne not perfume Goodness Bas don’t your yurt dwelling people have any sense of the fineries of civilization? And cedar is a masculine scent” Yes He is PERFECT 🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤💗 “Sheepish?” Mahliki asked “Sicarius? I have a hard time associating that word with him” “His sheep is buried deep down You have to hunt for it” “I’d be afraid to try” OK Sicarius is PERFECT too Assassin perfect😈🐱‍👤🤺Another wonderful fantasy adventure by Lindsay Buroker I can't seem to be able to get enough of them Looking foreword to reading everything she has ever written😎😍

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    Flicking through the reviews of Republic I now feel uite mean by giving it only three stars 9% of people who rated this book agree with me so I'm definitely in the minority here Oh boyLet me first explain Three stars is not a bad rating It means that I liked and enjoyed the novel The reason I did not rate this higher was because it did not wow me the way I was hoping it to Yes the conversations were enjoyable and witty The characters were well written and I enjoyed reading about their last adventure together I say this now but perhaps I'll be proven wrong again I thought that Forged in Blood II would be the last we ever saw of Amaranthe and Sicarius but happily I was proven wrong about that I certainly wasn't going to complain when Buroker gave us the opportunity to read of Amaranthe Sicarius Maldynado Basilard Sespian and all the other great characters in this novel eitherSo why the three stars?Well there were a few things that I didn't enjoy uite as much as I'd hoped Firstly there were far too many points of views I felt like perhaps Buroker wanted to give everyone their last say before she closed the curtain for the final time but personally I'd have been happier if she'd been selective with the view points Just to give you an idea we had; Amaranthe Sicarius Maldynado Sespian Mahliki Rias Tikaya and I think Basilard's viewpoint cropped up at one point too Most people seem to love this book however so perhaps it worked but not for meI liked how Republic explored the repercussions of the events in Forged in Blood II Books was not forgotten and it was interesting to see how things had changed now that Rias is president Sespian struggles to find his place in society now that he is no longer Emperor Maldynado Amaranthe and Sicarius consider getting respectable jobs but it's not as easy as they'd first presumed What I wasn't so keen on was the appearance of the large auatic plant which appeared in the lake and was the source of all the problems I don't know why but I got a little tired of all the problems with the plant after a while and just wanted them to get rid of it alreadyThankfully there were other parts of the story to focus on too but at times I felt there was a little too much action But I guess it wouldn't be a Lindsay Buroker book without lots of actionI feel like I'm selling Republic short in this review It was an enjoyable read and I loved seeing the characters again It almost made me want to read the entire series again I plan on doing this at some point in the future when nostalgia hits If you enjoyed the previous books in the series then it is well worth the effort to read Republic It fills in the gaps at the end of the series and no doubt you'll find yourself sniggering into your hand at some of the things Maldynado says Thank you Lindsay Buroker for giving us a final chance to enjoy your wonderful cast of characters

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    Honestly I have such an unhealthy obsession with Amaranthe Sicarius and the rest of the gang Lindsay Buroker has created this wonderful world filled with amazing characters and each book just gets better and betterStarting off not too long after the upheaval of events in the previous book the gang is trying to figure out how they fit into this new Republic all while trying to thwart the latest nefarious threat Deviating from the style of the other books this story is told in 6 POVs Amranthe Sicarius there can never be too many Sicarius POVs MaldynadoSespian Tikaya and Mahliki I was afraid that having so many points of view would be confusing and distracting from the story especially since all the characters spend a lot of time with each other but the author made it work seamlessly into the overall story lineThe overall plot was fast paced and filled with lots of action There were a few underlying romantic subplots but it helped the story along rather than hinder it with unnecessary detailsThe only aspect I didn't get was the whole assassin and the child story view spoilerI'm still unclear as to why Sespian was chosen of all people With all the forshadowing with Sicarius and Amaranthe wanting to have children and Amaranthe's issue PLUS Sicarius's whole explanation of the children of the slain being given to the enemy to be taken care of made it seem like THEY were going to take the child I know Sespian has a big support team but I don't see how the mother thought a 20 yr old poor university student was the best option hide spoiler

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    How many times do we wish there was still when a series endswe sit with a book hangover hoping for a glimpse of the characters we've come to love Well that is exactly what Lindsay Buroker did with Republic and I have say I was thrilled Buroker proves this fabulous continuation to what happens after Forged in Blood I II I was amazed with the character growth and the changes that are taking place We are not only given a continuation of the story but also further plot possibilities of to comeIt is no secret I'm a Buroker fan I was captivated from page 1 till till the end I highly recommend you jump into this fresh funny exciting world of Amaranthe Lokdon and her friends

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    Reading Republic is like meeting up with dear old friends after a while; you don't realize how much you've missed them until you see them again I've always liked reaching the end of a series rather than having them continue interminably but the The Emperor's Edge series is the one exception where I'm so glad that the author surprised us all with a continuationtransition book set after the end of the series proper in Forged in Blood II It was an absolute joy to follow Amaranthe Sicarius and the rest of the gang on yet another adventure in Republic which both brings further closure to their character arcs in The Emperor's Edge and sends them off in new directions for the future After the establishment of the republic it stands to reason that political intrigue drives the conflict in this book What is unexpected however is that the major threat at hand is an alien plant A sentient man eating alien plant that is overwhelming the city of Stumps still recovering from the aftermath of Forge's activities It's a credit to Lindsay Buroker that not only does she succeed in making something so unbelievable believable but she also conveys a very real sense of threat and sustained tension The trademark elements that long time readers know and love are still present the well timed humour action in abundance and enough explosions to make Amaranthe rub her hands together in glee Or maybe chagrin What makes this such a good read however is that there is just as much of the new as there is of the tried and true; the transition from imperial rule is only one of the many changes that shake up the lives of the characters and transform the Turgonia that we've come to knowBut by far the most significant departure in Republic is the use six POVs yes SIX Four of these were POV characters in the Emperor's Edge and Encrypted series Amaranthe Sicarius Maldynado Tikaya with the addition of two new voices Sespian Mahliki My first reaction to than 2 3 POVs in a book would normally be to throw in the towel considering how badly they usually turn out but here it actually works The author's greatest talent is arguably in the writing of likeable characters that jump off the pages and it shows here Each of the six voices are distinct and the story flows effortlessly between their viewpoints giving the reader a complete picture of all the action taking place I never once had to wonder whose POV I was readingThe only downside to the introduction of the Encrypted characters the wide scale of the action and multiple POVs was that I felt the decrease in time with Amaranthe and Sicarius rather keenly I also missed the cohesion of the Emperor's Edge team working together with Amaranthe as the leader I never realized how much of a presence she had in keeping everyone driving forward towards the same goal until now It also meant less of the witty banter that Amaranthe was always at the center of; Tikaya Mahliki and Sespian are less inclined to similar bursts of humour And of course the shifts in focus also resulted in somewhat fewer romantic moments between Amaranthe and Sicarius than I was hoping for; romance in this series had always been light but my greedy self nevertheless wanted What we did get was very sweet to be fairThat said we get great character development for all involved despite each having to share pages with so many other others and none so than Amaranthe and Sicarius These two are definitely Buroker's finest characters and here they're taken to their pinnacle of growth Their final transformations so to speak That's not to say that they don't have plenty maturing to do they do but in Republic it's a joy to see the culmination of all they had learnt and experienced over the course of the series Perhaps the most beautifully evocative moment is when Sicarius takes the final step in the journey towards reawakening his humanity cliché as that might sound it's true that he had unknowingly begun the minute he met Amaranthe view spoilerHe realizes that he has become a person who hesitates he can no longer switch off doubt over the morality of his actions And Amaranthe has literally become the voice of his conscience; than once he notes to himself that Amaranthe would know what to do she would know what is the right thing to do hide spoiler

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    This book definitely suffered from the all too common syndrome nowadays of too much of a good thing Just like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull The Hobbit movies parts 1 3 Star Wars the Phantom Menace etc this book is suffering from the milking of something that was once good and is now tiredI loved loved loved the first Emperor's Edge books but this one was just lackluster I found myself skimming through big chunks of it at a time It just wasn't as good as the others It was definitely missing something; maybe it was because the biggest enemy wasa plant?It was too long and drawn out and there were far too many character perspectives We got Amaranthe as always as well as Sicarius Sespian Maldynado Mahliki and Tikaya and its all too much Not to mention I didn't find Mahliki or Tikaya's narratives to be all that riveting Even Sicarius's was less interestingThis is an unfortunate end to a great series that should have ended one book earlier sorry Lindsay I will be erasing this one from my memory and pretending it doesn't exist as I am very happy with the other 8 books

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    Oh boy Back into the Emperor's Edge world with Amaranthe and Sicarius I love these guys I truly doI didn't think I could get enough of them but the length of this book did start to drag a little especially with all the hoo haa about the plant It seemed a bit excessive I loved the story and most of the little plot twists and turns especially some of the personal hurdles the characters had to overcome in this one It was a bit of a nice change from all the blowing up and madness that usually follows Amaranthe and the crew I also love the cross over between Lindsay's Forgotten Ages series and I'm looking forward to the final book in the series This might not be one of the best in the series but it's still enjoyable and amusing as well as entertaining and engaging for the most part One thing I noticed69% All delete all add Are you all right?

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    4 starsTopless apple cider baths megalomaniacal vegetation and accidental electrocution of fortunately not one's love apples are among many risue andor downright idiotic harrowing adventures this rag tag group embarks upon“Your stick is impressive than mine my lady” “Not something a man should ever say to a womanThis installment also clearly differentiates a purse from a man bag A man bag is full of manly things Including perfume and cedar candlesWhile I still love this book the length of it was a downside for me and it took me a long time to actually finish it But it is still phenomenal

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    Given that the series had been neatly tied up in book 7 I was a little concerned that this one might not live up to expectations which let's face were pretty high but it did It was as amusing and entertaining as ever I did miss Books but I liked the introduction of Dak There were 6 viewpoints in this book and while I actually enjoyed each one I found it was too many I think a maximum of four would work bestSix viewpoints meant we were flipping around too much As soon as something interesting happened to one set of characters we flipped to someone else then instead of back to find out what was happening it was on to yet another character's viewpoint I imagine that who those 4 should be would differ from person to person but I would have chosen Amaranthe Sicarius Sespian and either Mahliki or Tikaya For future books I would really love a peek inside the head of Rias