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NOTHING TO LOSEA Grey Justice NovelChoices Are Easy When You Have Nothing Left To LoseKennedy O’Connell had all the happiness she’d ever dreamed—until someone stole it away Now on the run for her life she has a choice to make—disappear forever or make those responsible pay Her choice is easyTwo men want to help her each with their own agendaDetective Nick Gallagher is accustomed to pursuing killers within the law Targeted for death his life turned inside out Nick vows to bring down those responsible no matter the cost But the beautiful and innocent Kennedy O’Connell brings out every protective instinct Putting aside his own need for vengeance he’ll do whatever is necessary to keep her safe and help her achieve her goalsBillionaire philanthropist Grey Justice has a mission too Dubbed the ‘White Knight’ of those in need of a champion few people are aware of his dark side Having seen and experienced injustice—Grey knows its bitter taste Gaining justice for those who have been wronged is a small price to pay for a man’s humanityWith the help of a surprising accomplice the three embark on a dangerous game of cat and mouse The stage is set the players are readythe game is on But someone is playing with another set of rules and survivors are not an option

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    5 Amazing start to new series starsThe lines are blurred between justice and vengeance in Christy Reece’s NOTHING TO LOSE the first book in her brand new Justice Grey Series In a well drawn and incredibly riveting story of despair and redemption there’s a war raging against evil doers who use their power and influence to manipulate the legal system for their benefit This author is a pro at blindsiding readers with twists and turns they’ll never see coming At times it will most likely provoke one to uestion your concept of justice and your stand on morality while keeping you entranced from start to finishPacked with action – suspense – heat – and heart this one is a high caliber page turner Highly recommended

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    Originally posted at The Book Nymphouick summaryKennedy O'Connell was living the ideal life Almost overnight everything fell apart her life irrevocably changed As if that's not awful enough circumstances dictated that she leave everyone and everything she loved behind and disappear in order to stay alive Detective Nick Gallagher under similar threats vows to devote his life to making those responsible for almost taking his life payGrey Justice is a billionaire philanthropist who has a secret side where he's made it his life's mission to be the champion for justice The real action begins when the lives of these three converge The bottom lineI'm jumping directly to the bottom line because to mention any details would just ruin this story for others Kennedy is a wonderfully crafted character who goes through a few transformations in response to the hands life dealt and comes out formidable She's not perfect just incredibly admirable The romance is seamlessly interwoven and the action is perfectly paced The tension is constant which had me at times both reluctant to put the book down and unable to continue because I'm a wuss Lastly Grey is an enigma and aptly named as he operates in that gray area of the law I'm left wanting of this unusual manThis book is a great start to what promises to be a compelling series

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    Nick’s raven tattoo?★★★★½ “Holy heart failure Batman” Why have I never read a Christy Reece book before? This one kept me up until the wee hours readingWhat a wonderful first in series Romantic Suspense Kennedy O’Connell’s story starts out with a ton of sadness and I knew it going in So I tried to distance myself from her character at the beginning – at least until her hardships were over Didn’t work I ended up with a tissue to my eyes anywaysBoth Kennedy and Detective Nick Gallagher were well developed extraordinary characters and Grey Justice was fantastic Although he remains a man with plenty of secrets; hopefully to be revealed in later books in this series There is a ton of action here and the story flows beautifully which was great because I couldn't gobble it down fast enough After all I needed to find out what happened It is a delight to read a novel that is so well written and edited it doesn’t pull you out of the world but sucks you in Deeper and deeperMs Reece does a nice twist here in that you know who the villains are but then again you don’t And how are the good guys going to triumph over such a sinister misuse of power and wealth? The secondary characters are well drawn too Loved Irelyn; I can’t wait to get to her storyThe book spans about a two year time period and it is all well executed and perfectly paced by the author I enjoyed their journey to justice the suspenseful ambiance the excellent dialogue The character development continues through the book the experiences change them; past incidents and tragedies bring about their commitment to their cause and their determination making it all believable As they get to know one another you get to know these characters along the way and they – and their love story – are worth knowingCan’t wait for the next in the series I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Doing so did not influence my rating

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    Can I just say how much I love Christy Reece and this book is no exception This is an awesome start to the new series Not as dark as the LCR books but it still had enough twists and turns to keep me guessing right to the end There is what I think will be a continuing arc throughout the series with Grey Justice whom I just loved Can't wait to learn about him Nick and Kennedy were great The thing I loved the most was that Christy didn't rush their getting together They were friends first and the emotions they felt for each other felt real and not forced Kennedy is an amazingly strong character but one who knows her limitations and admits when she has made a mistake and doesn't know all the answers Nick is strong tough Alpha and protective but aware and sensitive enough to support Kennedy in her decisions and allow her to make her own choices Together they are a perfect team If you haven't read any of Christy's books then this would be a great one to start with After all you have Nothing To Lose

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    The first book in Christy Reece's Grey Justice series Kennedy O'Connell is a law student married to a wonderful man Thomas and pregnant with their child Life is good Until one day her life is shattered Circumstances have her running for her life and becoming someone else Now she lives her life to avenge her husband Nick Gallagher was best friends with Kennedy's husband and in love with Kennedy himself He made a promise to protect her and he will Even if it means his own life Enter Grey Justice billionaire philanthropist With his help Nick and Kennedy can surely see that justice prevailsI loved it Okay why did I love it? It grabbed a hold of me on page one and didn't let go It contained all the elements I needed to enjoy the story romance suspense action sex a little humor a bit heart wrenching great style of writing nicely paced etc Was it perfect? No but the little things that kept it from perfect aren't worth mentioning I am looking forward to this series and I highly recommend this book

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    Ms Reece has seamlessly transitioned into the world of justice in her new series Grey Justice which is also the name of the series is a man with secrets that runs a small organization who finds justice for those that can’t get it through normal means There are plenty of things you come to expect from this author – tragedy heartbreak great characters that you instantly come to love and an intriguing story

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    Christy Reece does it AGAIN I started Nothing to Lose and couldn’t put it down Nick and Kennedy are amazing togetherHOLY HOTTNESS Every time Christy manages to make me feel every range of emotion and keep me on the edge of my seat I can’t wait to see what happens next in this series

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    Christy Reece is one of my favorite Romantic Suspense authors However I have been lacking in this genre the last couple of years and haven't read many books in this genre while it was one of my favorites years ago I was shocked when I realized that the last time I read a book by Christy was back in 2013 So I decided that I would read three of her books before the year is over Nothing To Lose is number one and I can't wait to read the next book in this seriesThis book made me realize why I was so addicted to this genre when I first started binge reading Thrillers were my first love and the jump from that genre to Romantic Suspense wasn't a big one I just love the suspense and mystery in this genre I also love it when the female character is strong and can take care of herself Kennedy's need for justice makes it difficult for her to move on with her life She lost her husband and unborn child and wants the people responsible to face the conseuences The writing had a great flow and it was easy to read I loved the relationship between Kennedy and Nick and the sex scenes were HOT I can't wait to read the next books in the series

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    Won this one here on Goodreads I was seriously excited not only do I love this author but the book came in signed Christy Reese is know for her RS books I was really looking forward to something new from her and man she did not disappoint This book was just amazingly written I am excited about this new seriesThis book starts off with Kennedy happily married and pregnant Her life was what she had always dreamed about and wanted Then one night its taken away from her She is left shattered and those moments made me tear up It was so devastating and heartbreaking But thankfully Nick who is Kennedy's husbands best friend is there every step of the way trying to help her while grieving on his own But things are uite adding up with what happened to Thomas Nick starts digging and then in that one moment while Nick is fighting for his life Kennedy finds out devastating news about what happened to her husband and she is on the run and looking to get revenge against those who murdered Thomas Meet Grey Justice Man oh man he is mysterious and so untouchable He is one of the good guys but he doesn't play by the rules and he wants to help Kennedy and Nick get their revenge But Justice has his own agendaI have to say that I loved that there was many POV and the fact that we get Justice POV was great He was so cryptic and just plain puzzling at times There is a host of amazing characters and I hope they get a book But I am dying to know about Irelyn and Grey She is just as cryptic as Grey is and its not all good What are they to each other? What was their history? Why does it seem like a lovehate relationshippartnership? Dude why in the heck did he make her do that?? Why not someone else? That was messed upThis book has great romance lots of action plenty of mystery and lots of twist and turn to keep you guessing Overall it was one of the best books I have read this year When is the next one coming out??

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    Since it's opening day for baseball as I type this review Let me just say Christy knocked it out of the park home run I loved this book such an amazing start to a new seriesI am amazed at how Christy keeps you focused on the main characters and their storyline but very subtlety introduces others you can't wait to read about I am intrigued by so many others I hope she is busy writing their story's nowKennedy and Nick we're amazing and hot together They than earned their HEA and Christy did a great job developing amazing characters you feel you knowSo many twists and turns I love this about her books Long ago did I stop trying to figure out what would happen next and enjoy the journey and this story does not disappointI can't wait for the next book in the series Read this amazing book and join the Grey Justice fan club with me