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After their world collapsed in a sheet of white light everything and everyone were gone—except for Hannah and Amanda Given Saved from destruction by three fearsome and powerful beings the Given sisters found themselves on a strange new Earth where restaurants move through the air like flying saucers and the fabric of time is manipulated by common household appliances There they were joined by four other survivors a sarcastic cartoonist a shy teenage girl a brilliant young Australian and a troubled ex prodigy Hunted by enemies they never knew they had and afflicted with temporal abilities they never wanted the sisters and their companions began a cross country journey to find the one man who could save themNow only months after being pursued across the country by government forces and the Gothams—a renegade group with similar powers—the Silvers discover that their purpose on this unfamiliar earth may be to prevent its complete annihilation With continually shifting alliances and the future in jeopardy the Silvers realize that their only hope for survival is to locate the other refugees—whether they can be trusted or not

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    Update March 7 2017Alrighty folks I can finally tell you all my secret I'VE ALREADY READ THE SONG OF THE ORPHANS And you will not be disappointed with the second installment of the Silvers trilogy It is a non stop adventure with new characters who will cling to your heart new settings that'll make you wish it were real hint The Gothams and one or two plot twists that'll make you hate everything and want to reread The Flight of the Silvers prontoSpeaking of which Daniel Price has created a Badly Drawn Recap of Silvers to get you ready for Song of the Orphans hitting stores on July 4 yeah FreedomYou'll learn so much about the characters like why Future Mia can be so angry how far the Givens sisters can push their talents and possibly the motivation behind the mysterious Pelletiers' actions There'll be fights on floating restaurants imprisonment for someone love and broken hearts Doctor Who references an important song and an ingenious way of getting a message out to othersBelow is a collection of gifs that appropriately relates my emotions as I read this fantastic book So many emotions Seriously you're going to love Song of the Orphans It's certainly going to be one of my favorites of 2017 and I fully expect it to be one of yours tooSo Daniel Price I expect you to begin work on the third installment immediatelyBelow are my updates I wrote well before I read the book I leave them here for funMay 25 2015Cookie Monster and I are impatiently waiting for The Song of the OrphansUpdate September 10 2015Hermione has joined in the waitingUpdate January 13 2016Without The Song of the Orphans to read Sherlock is starting to get a little boredUpdate April 28 2016Guys there's been a developmentUpdate December 15 2016We have a cover and release date

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    It was a mere coincidence when I stumbled upon „The Flight of the Silvers“ back in 2013 It must have been a rather random retweet on Twitter and the book only caught my attention because I found the cover uite nice and the rainbow effect of the shiny silver dust jacket looked pretty cool – as you might know I always fall easily for pretty books So I went to Goodreads looked up some details of the book and read the blurb and just a few minutes later I had already pre ordered the title which at that time wouldn’t come out until another few weeks I was really excited for the book however I tried to keep my expectations low since both the publisher Blue Rider Press and the author Daniel Price were completely unknown to me and I somehow saw nobody else talking about the book And as much as I was intrigued by the description I had to admit that it also sounded pretty crazy and I was secretly a bit afraid that „The Flight of the Silvers“ might turn out to be a completely disaster – especially since I’m far away from being a hardcore science fiction fan but I actually do like wrecking my brain with a thought provoking time travel story from time to time because I like playing around in my head with all the „what ifs“How I once stumbled upon a little gem of science fictionWhen the book finally arrived I immediately started reading and it only took me the first few pages of the prologue to get me completely hooked I had been a little bit worried that it might take the story a while to develop and pick up some speed because „The Flight of the Silvers“ was uite a massive book with than 600 pages but on the first 30 pages I already witnessed a dramatic car accident with weird alien lifesavers the shocking destruction of our planet Earth and the complete extinction of mankind – well „complete“ except for six lucky or unlucky depending on the events that were supposed to follow survivors that suddenly woke up on an alternate Earth and discovered that they had suddenly developed some really cool and impressive talents but also that they had just as unexpectedly become persons of interests that were hunted down by several different parties with different intentions – some of them good but most of them notSix ordinary people in an extraordinary worldI flew through the pages and was amazed by Daniel Price’s worldbuilding which made this alternate earth setting with all it’s time manipulation stuff psychic superpowers flying restaurants and the like completely believable without being a boring physics lecture that you could only understand if you had a Harvard degree I also loved the characters well most of them since a certain someone named Amanda Given was a real pain in the ass for me who were just six completely normal people with lots of flaws who had suddenly become some kind of superheroes lab rats for a dubious bunch of scientists and targets for everyone on this alternate Earth who didn’t like that six aliens with special abilities uninvitedly showed up on their planet and accidentally caused a lot of chaosGetting in touch with the authorI couldn’t help sharing my excitement through various status updates on Goodreads and Twitter and suddenly got a reply from Daniel Price himself who let me know that he was happy that I apparently enjoyed reading his novel Besides making me a bit nervous in a „Oh my God the author of the book I’m currently reading is reading my thoughts about his book“ way it also made me even excited about the book because I still considered myself a blogging rookie and it must have been the first time I actually got in contact with an author Fortunately I immensely enjoyed „The Flight of the Silvers“ until the end and didn’t have to pretend still liking it and when I was done I knew that I had found a new favorite book of mine I also hadn’t known that the book was the beginning of a series so that I was super curious how the story would continue and wanted to read the next one right away Sadly I had to realize that it would still take the author some time to write the second book and I could also read between the lines that it wasn’t even 100% sure that he would be able to publish the whole series since „The Flight of the Silvers“ was only his second novel and being a rather unknown author he had to hope that his book would be successful enoughLet the book pushing beginI was lucky that I managed to push „The Flight of the Silvers“ on Crini one of my book blogging friends who loved the book just as much as I did and so we made it our mutual goal to make as many people as possible read the novel so that we would have people to discuss it with but also to do our part in ensuring that the Silvers series would live long enough to see its ending We teamed up for some blog events like read alongs giveaways and even a „Flight of the Silvers“ game knowing that we had found a little gem that deserved much attention Through this we also intensified the communication with Daniel Price who supported us a lot answered our uestions and kept us posted about his progress with the seuel All this made „The Flight of the Silvers“ a real special book for me and sometimes it was really hard to be patient while desperately waiting for a release date of book twoThree years of waiting are finally overNow that day has finally come and „The Song of the Orphans“ is out for everyone to read and the book is not only just as amazing as the first one it’s even better It’s also even massive than the first one and comes with almost 750 pages now but be assured that not a single one of them is only even slightly boring The story of the seuel sets in about six months after the events of „The Flight of the Silvers“ and once again it only takes the prologue to immediately pull you into the story if you’ve already read the preview in the paperback edition of book 1 then you know exactly what I mean The six Silvers we already know from the first book the sisters Hannah and Amanda Given cartoonist Zack ex alcoholic Theo Australian Nerd David and the insecure teenager Mia once again have to face several serious problems first of all they need to stop their new home planet from suffering the same fate as their old Earth and based on what they know so far they only have a short time left to do so and they’re also probably the only ones who can prevent the Cataclysm Unfortunately the people known as the Gothams – natives of the parallel universe with similar abilities as the Silvers that derive from a catastrophic event in the planet’s past – think that it’s the Silvers who triggered the upcoming Cataclysm and that the only way to stop the apocalypse is to kill them And of course the Gothams are not the only ones who are working against the Silvers since there’s still the Domestic Protections agency Alt America’s version of the FBI who still have some unfinished business with the Givens and their friendsSome long awaited answers and many new uestionsThat’s already all I want to say about the story of „The Song of the Orphans“ since everything else would be a spoiler and the plot is too complex anyway to give it a short summary that does the story justice For those who have been impatiently waiting for answers to all the many uestions that the first book raised and let’s face the truth who didn’t have tons of uestions after all that went down in „The Flight of the Silvers“ it’s probably most important if Daniel Price finally delivers at least some of the most pressing answers and thankfully he does Of course you don’t get to see the whole picture and there will be dozens of new uestions because there’s still going to be a third book but you’ll get much information about the Gothams you’ll meet other people from the Silvers’ home world and probably the most interesting part is what you’ll learn about the Pelletiers the three weird beings who brought the Silvers to this new world in the first placeEpic action scenesWhile „The Flight of the Silvers“ in some parts felt like a road trip because the Silvers were on a wild chase for a big part of the novel the second book is a bit stationary but that doesn’t mean that you don’t get to see any action In fact „The Song of the Orphans“ almost felt like living through two or three huge and epic action scenes that led you through the story If you’re not that much into action scenes I for myself have a hard time staying focussed when I read too much action without a break then be assured that these parts are very well written and do a lot to continue the storyline There are often multiple dramatic events happening at the same time so that you don’t even get a chance to get boredComplex personalities and relationshipsHowever there’s still enough time for character development and while Daniel Price already did a good job in „The Flight of the Silvers“ and made his protagonists very complex and with interesting personalities you’ll learn even about the Silvers in this one especially regarding their relationships which play a huge role in the plot of the seuel Don’t worry „The Song of the Orphans“ didn’t suddenly became a space opera or some other kind of annoying romance but you should know that coupling plays an important role in the storyline Personally I would have liked a little bit less relationship issues in this book but it’s definitely necessary to drive the plot forwardA little bit of criticismOverall „The Song of the Orphans“ is exactly the kind of seuel I’ve been hoping for You get even epic parallel world action than in the first book and the story is even complex and fascinating especially what concerns the Pelletiers and their plan and motives I already liked almost sorry Amanda all the characters in „The Flight of the Silvers“ but they grew on me even and I really liked the new characters that joined the Silvers on their mission The only things that bothered me a little bit were the already mentioned very strong focus on relationships and the fact that I sometimes had the impression that especially the Silvers had sometimes grown a bit too powerful which in my opinion made it a bit too easy once or twice to escape dangerous situations Also I felt that Amanda was left out a bit compared to the other characters and after what I’ve said about her after the first book I still can’t believe that I’m actually complaining about thatThere’s always to discoverIf you’ve read the first book a while ago already and are unsure if you need to re read it before you start the seuel then you might be interested in the plot summary Daniel Price wrote himself where he wraps up everything important that had happened so far in a very helpful and highly amusing way And let me also tell you that you probably want to re read „The Flight of the Silvers“ AFTER you’ve finished „The Song of the Orphans“ because there are some twists that let you see everything in a whole new light And this is one of the many reasons why I love the Silvers series so much It’s perfect if you just want an action packed and mind blowing science fiction adventure but it’s even fantastic for readers who like to re read because with every read you always find little details that help you understand the story and it’s fun to go through the story again with the new knowledge and look for clues you might have missed the first timeThe fantastic seuel I’ve been waiting forSo if you’re only the tiniest bit interested in science fiction time travel parallel worlds great worldbuilding deep characters epic action scenes and complex stories then do yourself a favor and go get „The Flight of the Silvers“ and „The Song of the Orphans“ right away and dive into a world that will keep you hooked from the first minute – trust me you won’t regret it

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    Damn that was good 752 pages and I wasn't bored for a single one of them Daniel Price has outdone himself with this book solidifying Silvers as one of the best sci fi series out there I already loved the first book but this one takes the series to a whole new level I can't wait to find out what happens next to this great group of characters Or maybe I don't want to know

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    Damn So many feelings I don't know how I'm going to write an actual review for this book And I'm really not looking forward to the wait for book three

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    Thanks to Penguin Random House for an ARC of this bookThese Silvers books give me the worst book hangovers I enjoy reading them so much and they are difficult to put down so I tear through them and feel lost when they are finished I wish I had temporal powers of my own to ease the wait between books If I had willpower I would've waited until the series was finished to read all the books together but couldn't do it the books are just to compelling to me to waitThe Song of the Orphans is the follow up to the first book Flight of the Silvers which really should be read first if you have read it and need a refresher Price has a nice recap on his website In the first book we meet the Silvers a random group of people who were saved by a mysterious trio at the end of their world and transported to an alternate Earth They adjust to their new circumstances and newly found abilities while escaping others who are intent on doing them harm I found the ideas original and engaging and the plotting well done to balance action and the world building I thought the book held up on the second reading and I loved it just as much the second time around I was anxious to see where the story went and if the second book could maintain the freshness and momentum of the first book The Song of the Orphans picks up six months after the end of the first book We are uickly caught up and jump right in to the action And there is a lot of action at some points too much for my taste and the book risked becoming repetitive battle scene however will they escape oh they do it repeat But just as I was getting a little nervous after the first big battle Price throws in some good plot twists and turns that advance the story and keep it interesting no spoilers but one of these is uite the game changer and should make rereading the books very interesting with this new piece of knowledge By the end I was completely swept up again with the Silvers and dying to see where the story goes from here I like that we got some answers and understanding yet enough new information and plotlines to take the story in unexpected directions and set up what I anticipate will be an exciting conclusion

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    Wow talk about a great read I bought this for 2 and it clocks in at just over 700 pages A gripping dystopian with two sisters as the MC's Action intrigue fantasy everything I like about a can't put down book Daniel Price has a gift for writing stories that stick with you I hadn't read book one but he filled in the gaps beautifully If you're looking for a book that you won't be able to put down not even to sleep The Song of the Orphans is it Highly recommendMy Rating 5 stars

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    It's been several years since Daniel Price's first novel in the Silvers series landed but thankfully The Song of the Orphans remains pretty accessible and the author catches readers up to speed in short order If you need a refresher on what happened in 2014's The Flight of the Silvers Price has you covered on his website where he has published A Badly Drawn Recap and a few other helpful guides to remind you of all the things you may have forgotten in the last three years The Song of the Orphans picks up a short time after the conclusion of Silvers #1 and with one hell of a hook The titular Orphans the sole survivors of our doomed planet who were transplanted to an alternate Earth arrive in a movie theater via portaleach of them dead dead dead And yet simultaneously these very same Orphans are stomping around New York as wanted fugitives So what the heck is going on here? Price lays out several tantalizing possibilities over the course of his multiverse superhero saga time travel? clones? something else? with all roads leading back to the enigmatic nefarious or are they? and vicious Pelletiers Clocking in at 750 pages Price delivers a King sized doorstopper epic of superhuman proportions This sucker is jam packed with X Men by way of Fringe action scenes each one carefully crafted and massive in scope One of the neat things and without spoiling anything is how Price stages each of his large set pieces and then makes them even larger and the doubles that again The dude has clearly plotted the heck out of this series and I'd wager he's spent than a few sleepless nights crafting power sets and character sheets for each of his super powered heroes and villians and how he can best use their abilities to generate conflict defeat reversals and victories And like a good Dungeon Master Price doesn't let any of his players off easy There's a constant escalation to each of the events that occur within these pages and there's always a massive toll in the end both physical and emotional And when you've got some characters who can heal others and wind back the clock this isn't always an easy thing to pull offIn addition to the huge action scenes Price devotes plenty of space to the characters and their developing dramas and emerging relationships There's plenty of surprises to be had on the people front too particularly as dynamics shift and change or continue to adapt to the strange new world the Orphans find themselves in The wait time may between books may have been a bit rough for us fans of the first Silvers novel but having spent plenty of time as a Dark Tower junkie and reader of George RR Martin the three year gap wasn't all that bad all things considered Hugely cinematic and packed to the rafters with fight scenes and conflict galore The Songs of the Orphans was well worth the wait Fans will be pleased to take another trip to AltAmerica but now begins the wait for book three I shall wait patiently or at least try toNote I received an advanced copy of this title from the author and publisher via NetGalley

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    I loved this seuel I think it was a factor my emotional attachment to the characters loving the new ones and in general the plot blowing my mind I maintain my previous observation and say that the characters and plot are by far my favorite This story had a lot of ups and downs filled with MEGA twists The plot takes us even of an emotional journey than the first if I thought that was even possible For this I am in awe of Price for this fantastic story archThe characters are as lovable as before and they grow Mia was the star of this book for me because a lot of uestions were answered and she goes through a ton of growing But then again the multiple POV of the book always makes me hesitant to pick a favorite I am already dreading the long wait till the next but I am so excited to see what happensDisclaimer I received this book in exchange for an honest review from First to Readfull review

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    I received this ARC from Penguin's First to Read ProgramCHRIST THAT WAS GOOD There's a LOT that I want to say about this book so hopefully it comes out pretty coherentI had heard from a good source the author himself that this seuel to The Flight of the Silvers would be even better than the first and yes it was Even though it was over 100 pages longer I feel like I blazed through it even faster The various pop culture references are so well placed and not forced which is funny because all Zack does is force them There was some action in the first installment but here there was sooo much I felt like I couldn't put it down without knowing what was going to happen to my little orphans especially Mia I love the unpredictability of her character even though we get glimpses of her potential future selves She's the youngest and yet she seems to have the biggest heart and be the bravest of them all The other characters all grew so much as well and all of the relationships and movements are so natural you can tell that Price really cares about them and their individual stories There is so much diversity in this book and it even brings in characters with mental health issues and not in a way that makes them token They are real people who are badass as hellThe fact that each new installment brings in new characters while we lose some at the same time keeps the dynamics fresh and allows for us readers to experience all the many sides of each of Silvers as they progressEven though I was almost 90% sure about the big reveal that comes out before it happened it still didn't stop it from hurting It was so well planned out and didn't feel wedged in there for drama When it comes to the villains I'm glad that they have a cause behind them that we finally find out and that they wholeheartedly believe in it no matter how much the orphans rage against them They're​ really well represented as being so large literally and so far removed from anything that made them even remotely human after their long lives but still three dimensional I absolutely love to hate Esis especiallyMy copy is only a borrowed ebook but I am planning on getting my hands on a physical copy that way I can share it with my friends Once again I feel like this series deserves such a big following and I dearly hope there is a movie franchise in this Earth's future And of course once The War of the Givens graces us with its presence I'm going to snatch it up too

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    This book is a seuel to The Flight of the Silvers and cannot be read if you want to understand anything without having read book 1 I loved book 1 because of its originality superhumans all bending different elements of time intrigue involving the bigger purpose and character development Volume 2 was of the same a lot of the same rather too much of the same It was too much of the same light banter without any depth and too much of the same uninteresting struggles for the super special Silvers whom to date whom to fight what to do In a second book with over 700 pages I would have expected a lot progress and character development Instead the Silvers never made it past bare survival There was no strategy or plan to defeat the Pelletiers or save the world They were still rats in a maze reacting to circumstances around them and that made the pages drag as there was nothing to root for Many reviewers of The Flight of the Silvers criticized it for its overuse of deus ex machina to get its characters out of trouble They should expect spades of that in this book as well While it did resolve some of the mysteries presented in book one the reveals were lackluster To me they didn't offer any food for thought introduce new ideascommentary on the human condition or challenge old ideas like other books in science fiction This book was full of action and fight scenes It can still be fun for people who like the lighter side of science fiction along the lines of the TV show Heroes But it wasn't what I was hoping for after book 1