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Admitting that he felt in raw contact with hell during the preparation of these 12 sermons Tozer presents the need for Christlike living His thrust? Resist the temptation to be a run of the mill Christian stop acting like a frightened sheep and press on into the victory that can be found in lion country

10 thoughts on “I Talk Back to the Devil

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    A bit lackluster honestly I haven't read Tozer before but I will try not to hold this book against him in the future It's not entirely clear what the point of the book is The subtitle has changed since the original edition and the title itself is a bit confusing Spiritual warfare isn't really the theme of the book at all Instead the book is one long exhortation not to accept Christian mediocrity but to press on toward perfection and the standard set by Christ Tozer is right to criticize the modern Christian contentment with merely adeuate faith but he sometimes seems to believe that perfection is an attainable goal Which is not only patently false we will never attain perfection in this life but does his readers a disservice since the inevitable failure of this uest for perfection tends to lead to guilt and depression The book doesn't really seem to say much of anything He exhorts Christians to be filled with the spirit to be set on fire with love of God which is all well and good The modern churchgoer is far too reluctant to be a fanatic for Jesus not in the legalistic hateful way portrayed on news shows but in a sold out for Jesus sort of way But I didn't feel like Tozer really helped the reader get there The book seemed to be about selling the reader on the idea than actually providing meaningful guidance So all in all I would have to say that it kind of lacked substance Which feels like a very critical thing to say about someone of Tozer's stature but there you have it Not a bad book by any means and my own spiritual mediocrity may be coloring my perception but all in all I expected better Then again this is not one of his best known books Maybe there's a reason for that

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    A collection of sermons from Mr Tozer each chaptersermon is a separate theme that accumulates to cover a lot of ground in the Christian walk As usual Mr Tozer challenges provokes thought and encourages Christ followers to step up their game and live an all out life for Jesus

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    This book is a compilation of some sermon snippets so the title isn’t an accurate summary of the content nor are the chapters progressive logically Despite that the content is the uniue voice of Tozer calling the church to awaken from mediocrity like only he did

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    AW Tozer is often held up as an influential Christian figure from the 20th century Many people point to The Pursuit of God as a favorite book To me Pursuit had a devotional uality with mystical undertones I felt in this book his mystical underpinnings really come to the forefront Several of these essays refer to Thomas a Kempis's The Imitation of Christ and The Cloud of Unknowing a 14th century book by an unknown author that even Wikipedia calls a work of Christian mysticism The last article compels us to love Christ and speaks of His ualities that make His love for us so incredible so unchanging and worthy of our love in return except he doesn't mention what He actually accomplished in His life death and resurrection Other than that the articles smack of a mid 20th century positivism It was OK not terrible but not great either

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    This is a challenging collection of sermons from a man who knew Jesus in a deeply personal way I found take aways from each one to apply to my own spiritual journey Read it if you want to be challenged to see things from an eternal perspective and remember it's not a seamless book with one main theme Tozer has other better written books this is different in that he spoke these words in sermons so listen as you read and then read some of his actual books if you prefer a different approach

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    This book by Tozer goes down easy but if you really let what he is saying penetrate it'll give you some serious heartburn This is a book for those desiring to go further in their walk with Christ It's for those that fear they may be lukewarm and aren't willing to let that be good enough Tozer holds up a mirror and asks us to look at ourselves and our dedication to Christ closely Worth reading

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    The title of this book is very deceiving I don't think the devil is mentioned once I read it because I feel challenged by the writings of AW Tozier The book encourages Christians to rise beyond being a common or mediocre Christian to one who like the Apostle Paul presses on to know Christ Loved this uote Prayer is the elevation of the heart to God and that is all a man needs to praise to pray and to worship

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    HmmmI don't get where or if the talk back to the devil part came in? In any event it was a good exhortation to press in and get serious about being a Christian we are to get a deeper understanding of the relationship we have available to us with the Creator of the Universe find out who the Word says we are and what we have in Christ then start walking the walk and talking the talkAmen

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    I Talk Back to the Devil is a series of fiery and convicting sermons on themes of spiritual perfection He touches on many common hindrances such as chronic discouragement fear of being labelled radical and plain disobedienceIt is a very challenging and encouraging manual to those who want to be able to say with Paul One thing I do See Philippians 312 14

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    Believe it or not there are interesting similarities between what Tozer said and what I've read in the Philokalia