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Listening Length 9 hours and 40 minutesIt is a tale of ghosts of madness of revenge of old alliances giving way to new intrigues Denmark is changing shaking off its medieval past War with Norway is on the horizon And Hamlet son of the old king nephew of the new becomes increasingly entangled in a web of deception and murderStruggling to find his place in this strange new order Hamlet tries to rekindle his relationship with Ophelia the daughter of Elsinore's cunning spy master a man with plots of his own Hamlet turns for advice and support to the one person he can trust Young Yorick the slippery unruly jester whose father helped Hamlet through a difficult childhood And all the while the armed forces of Fortinbras prince of Norway start to assemble threatening to bring down Elsinore foreverBeautifully performed by actor Richard Armitage Thorin Oakenshield in the Hobbit films Hamlet Prince of Denmark takes Shakespeare's original into unexpected realms reinventing a story we thought we knew

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    Richard Armitage needs to narrate all the audiobooks ever His voice is magnificently toe curling

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    Shakespeare purists may not appreciate this novelization of his Hamlet but I liked it a lot I thought it was a good adaptationBeing a lover of audiobooks I was excited when I heard about Richard Armitage as narrator I've listened to some of his other book narrations and he is fantastic He creates distinct voices for each character and because he's an actor he performs the book than mere reading He is flawless and I thoroughly enjoyed his interpretation of each personI highly recommend Hamlet Prince of Denmark

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    I enjoyed this It was fun I recommend it Hamlet Prince of Denmark is a reworking of Shakespeare's Hamlet The story has become of an action filled thriller while the ethical and psychological issues still remain As explained in the two afterwords one by each of the two authors Shakespeare's Hamlet has been reworked just as what we today most commonly see on the stage is also a reworking of Shakespeare's original There exist in fact several “original versions”; scenes and lines present in one are lacking in another Further 1800 and 1900 interpretations have changed the originals It is also pointed out that the history as it is presented in the story is not correct Neither was it correct in Shakespeare’s original Norway never controlled Denmark; the reverse is true It is also mentioned that the story is based on an earlier legend the legend of Amleth chronicled by Saxo Grammaticus in the 1200s The afterwords are great I recommend this book because you get a fun exciting retelling of the Shakespeare’s Hamlet The relationships are filled out Events that happen off stage in the play take front stage in the book The dialogs are modern and this did bother me occasionally but not often I admit when Hamlet exclaimed Bullocks I was a bit thrown A few additional characters are thrown in Yorick and Gregor Yorick is a clever invention Why he was added is also explained in an afterword He is a wonderful addition Voltemand’s role is expanded The central uestions – is Hamlet sick is he feigning insanity and why does he feel as he does are fleshed out Polonius is wicked but how should we view Claudius? Ophelia is an interesting character This is not only a tragedy and an exciting story but also a character study too Pirates and ghosts and murders galore A story of revenge and loveWell known lines which we have all heard before are thrown into the dialogsRichard Armitage reads the audiobook Well I don’t seem to love his performance as much as others He doesn’t just read the lines he acts them Most people love this I could hear when Yorick the jester was speaking I loved his voice Others I could not distinguish between It bugged me that Öresund is not correctly pronounced but I doubt this will bother non Scandinavians The Danes sounded so darn EnglishI had lots of fun listening to this

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    No my heart just can't hide that old feelin' insideWay deep down insideOh baby you know when I look in your eyes I go crazy I Go Crazy Paul Davis 197746 audiobookA splendid piece of entertainment One of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies retold in modern day language in the form of a short novel performed by the supremely talented British actor Richard ArmitageMr Armitage doesn't just read or narrate he performs this novel adaptation of Hamlet employing different voices and tones without annoying sound effects or technical feats It is amazing what a great actor's voice and talent can produce

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    A pretty thoroughly re imagined story If you are a purest that thinks that any treatment of this story is an affront to the Bard then you probably need to move your snobby little self down the aisle to read something else I thought it was clever imaginative and fun And no one other than Richard Armitage ever should be hired to read a book again Thorin has the voice

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    I'm not going to lie I wouldn't have picked this up had it not been narrated by Richard Armitage I enjoyed it though and Richard's narration than earned it the final firth starI've only half read the play years ago so I can't say I would have noticed most changes if it weren't for the authors' afterword Part of my winter break plans is to reread some classics so I'll try rereading the original play Maybe my view of this will change afterwards but I doubt it

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    Richard Armitage perfection I swear the man could read the phone book and I'd listen to it What a voice I really hope he does audiobooks in the future I'd give the story itself 4 stars but his narration adds on a star I liked the different voices he used for each characters and as I'm sure others have said he really acts this than just reading it He really made the story come alive for me

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    Who doesn't want to listen to Richard Armitage's VERY nice voice narrating the story of Hamlet? I'm already a puddle

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    Both this novelization of Hamlet and Hartley Hewson's novelization of Macbeth number among my favorite ever adaptations of the plays They are imaginative exciting and thrillingly paced capturing the high emotional pitch of dramatic tragedy They are also exuisitely attentive to the Shakespearean texts Hartley and Hewson know the plays intimately and they know the critical uestions that continue to preoccupy readers and critics What parts of Hamlet's madness are feigned and what real? Why is Ophelia so feisty at the beginning of the play and so infuriatingly passive later on? Where in the world did those pirates come from? Their elaborations of the Shakespearean plays offer imaginative answers to these and other cruxes with humor wit and intelligence Can't recommend highly enough

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    Brilliant Sublime Refreshing And surprisingly gratifying I'm ecstatic I read nay listened to this and I recommend it without hesitationHow many times have you seen Hamlet performed? If you've never seen the show performed and you don't know the familiar story I wonder how you'd receive this adaptation Frankly I wouldn't be surprised if this gripping carefully crafted retelling of the story stood on its own with no history or preconceived notions But that's a guess and I assume that in this day and age Hamlet remains one of he most ubiuitous staples of the stage also accessible as a popular movie How many different productions sets costumes settings epochs and approaches have you seen employed? Isn't that one of the great attractions of Shakespeare that the work is so amenable to varied interpretation and reinvention???? If so than this audio book is pure genius But let me get one key thing out of the way if you consider yourself a purist and if you believe although I'm not sure how you could believe this that there is a single definitive authoritative unabridged original version of Hamlet that you accept and elevate above all others then this inventive expanded embellished enlivened and enriched version is not for you Briefly the authors demonstrate no hesitation in not just altering but stepping outside of and adding to the skeleton of the familiar playAlso let me be clear Richard Armitage is an exuisite polished eminently entertaining audio book reader I understand that many have purchased this audio book just to bask in the glow of his artful perfectly paced and captivating narration in retrospect that makes sense to meMore broadly the whole story ornamentation interpretation exposition prose narration and production is a splendid experienceNon spoiler tip to inform your perspective and enrich the experience be absolutely sure to consume the authors' afterwords Icing on the cake Informative interesting intelligent Great stuffI understand the authors also did Macbeth I'm off to add that to my to do list I can't wait