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A young man invents a contraption that invokes intense arousal in women but soon has to face up to the conseuences of his actions This is an adult erotic story

10 thoughts on “Me and My Zapper

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    WowA very different book to read It was very entertaining It was hard not to put down but ended to uickly

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    All I can say is Wow I can't say if I would want this to ever be real or not But Wow I am so scared of how it might affect me should a zapper ever really exist But I am extremely curious of my reaction and behavior What is my most inner and darkest desire fantasy? Phew I can only imagine Definitely a page turner and the sex was raw and dirty

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    This is a fantasy work of John D describing an invention of seducing device to uench the sexual fantasies of ladies and men It was a fine read but full of platitude making me bored