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Resurrection The first in series two offers a recap of series one and expands the universe of the series On the planet Liveria a rain drenched cityscape covers the entire world Criminals run unchecked in the lower levels of the city where it's too dangerous for even the planet's authorities to risk investigations Burke and Cass take the job of tracking and apprehending two escaped convicts that have carved their way through the city leaving a trail of dead bodies in their wake As with most of their contracts however not everything is as simple as it first appears to the bounty hunting duoSoldier's Wrath A slaver that Burke Monrow forced into hiding years earlier has finally resurfaced Isaac Paxton responsible for enslaving thousands once escaped punishment Now he's taken someone close to Burke luring him into what he knows to be a trap A trap that Burke has no choice but to set offAI's Rage Cass witnesses the death of her partner Burke Monrow and the destruction of their ship Her consciousness is reformed in one of ACU's most secret facilities and she finds herself a prisoner to those who first created her She is told that she is a danger that she is broken and that she is responsible for the death of her partner Immediately suspicious that her memories have been tampered with Cass begins to infect the facility's network with programs of her own What she finds will be the biggest trial she has ever facedSmuggler's Peril After being intercepted by the infamous pirate group Torrentus the crew of the smuggler ship Freedom barely escape with their lives With their cargo lost and a crew member killed Captain Jess Richmond is forced to consider an unlikely alliance to strike back at her attackers Burke and Cass are hired by Geoff to retaliate against the Torrentus Cartel A plan is set to taunt the pirates into a trap with Jess and her ship serving as bait An arduous three month journey is reuired to sufficiently lure the cartel and fills Burke with doubt Will the ship arrive unscathed? Or will he and Jess kill each other before they reach the system?The Swarm Unleashed When a ship carrying dross the aliens that invaded Earth and still infest it crashes on a remote planet bounty hunter Burke Monrow is enlisted to help After devoting six years of his life to the war on Earth the mission is personal and brings back a barrage of memories But tracking the tunneling aliens through a cold and unwelcoming planet becomes the least of Burke’s concerns Caught between political and moral agendas he will face betrayal secrets and lies as he tries to stop the dross from ruining another worldSuicide Mission The Torrentus Cartel is the most dangerous and successful criminal organization in human history Built on the backs of millions of slaves Torrentus has been a common target for Burke and Cass They have blown up dozens of their ships and ruined even of their operations spanning across every system in human space Now their victories have attracted attention

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    Great second series of the Bounty Hunter built on an impressive first series The addition of Rylan and Jess to the team of Burke and Cass has expanded the interest and makes a good dynamic Will be good to see what Rylan's back story is hopefully in series three Can not wait for the third series