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This new volume in the Leopard series of anthologies comprises a collection of the best Norwegian short fiction of the last forty years The focus of the stories is the real and raw concerns of contemporary lifeHans Herbjørnsrud On an Old Farmstead in EuropeKjell Askildsen The Dogs in ThessalonikiRoy Jacobsen IceJohny Halberg The Cock and Mr GopherJon Fosse I Could Not Tell YouLars Amund Vaage CowsRagnar Hovland The Last Beat Poets in Mid HordlandLars Saabye Christensen The Jealous BarberKarin Fossum The PillarJostein Gaarder The CatalogueKarin Sveen A Good HeartHerbjørg Wassmo The MotifFrode Grytten Dublin in the RainTor Ulven I’m AsleepHanne Ørstavik LoveTor Åge Bringsværd The Man Who Collected the First of September 1974Bjørg Vik A Forgotten PetuniaTrude Marstein Deep Need Instant NauseaKjartan Fløgstad The Story of the Short StoryGro Dahle Life of a TrapperØystein Lønn It’s So Damned uietLaila Stien Veranda with SunJan Kjærstad HomecomingBeate Grimsrud The Long TripIngvar Ambojørnsen SkullsMerethe Lindstrøm The Sea of TranuillityDag Solstad Shyness and DignityPer Petterson The Moon over the Gate

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    A sampling of new Norwegian literature edited by the great Jan Kjærstad??