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There’s got to be to love than a number There’s a feeling; somewhere deep inside that triggers that ignites when we meet the oneWhen the pressure of a palm print against a cold hard screen can instantaneously identify a good match based on genetics few would waste time trying to determine the resilience of a relationship on their ownExcept RubyAt eighteen Ruby is recruited for a trial entering blindly into a government experiment for an undisclosed length of time Surrounded by peers and the buddings of newly brewing affairs Ruby finds her interests captured by a handsome neighbor almost immediately Stubborn with the belief that she alone can determine a relationship's validity the couple chooses not to check compatibility until it's too lateShe soon finds herself in conundrums of proportions she’s never realized possible only to discover she knows nothing about the place she lives or the world outside of her confinement

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    I loved this book Written by an author who has studied sociology as one of her subjects in college this book is a must read for those who enjoy social science fiction While the themes explored in this ebook are not entirely new think 1984 meets Code 46 it is not as dark as those two and is probably closer to a utopia than a dystopia despite a style of government traditionally seen as a dystopian one This doesn't mean that the characters are always happy but they don't spend the majority of their time being unhappy either They are believable charactersIt is written in the first person and we lack the omniscient narrator explaining how their society functions in a dry philosophical manner that some of the older style utopian fiction tends to haveThere is romance and a good plot that in my opinion is paced just right The pace that isn't the crawl of romance novels or as faced paced as young adult books tend to be I'd say this fits well into the emerging genre of new adult fiction There is an open ending but it isn't so open that it feels like the end of just another chapter It ties off reasonably well while still allowing the reader to wonder 'what happens next?' which lends itself well to a seuel If you don't like books that have endings with seuels in mind you might not enjoy the ending of this ebookOverall I would highly recommend this ebook

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    I enjoyed this book but wasn't blown away The premise is of a society where everything is determined based on your geneticspersnoality The story was well written but slow moving and left you with plenty of uestions I got this book and the seual free from and haven't decided if this one was good enough for me to read the second I'm scared that it to will leave me with uestions then answers If you don't mind open endings then this might be a great book for you If like me you hate open endings and they make you want to scream out in frustration I would recommend passing on this one