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High concept thrillers with a supernatural edge from world famous director whose films include Pan’s Labyrinth and HellboyTHE STRAIN A plane lands at JFK and mysteriously ‘goes dark’ stopping in the middle of the runway for no apparent reason all lights off all doors sealed The pilots cannot be raisedWhen the hatch above the wing finally clicks open it soon becomes clear that everyone on board is dead – although there is no sign of any trauma or struggle Ephraim Goodweather and his team from the Center for Disease Control must work uickly to establish the cause of this strange occurrence before panic spreadsTHE FALL Humans have been displaced at the top of the food chain and now understand – to their outright horror – what it is to be not the consumer but the consumedEphraim Goodweather director of the New York office of the Centers for Disease control is one of the few humans who understands what is really happening Vampires have arrived in New York City and their condition is contagious If they cannot be contained the entire world is at risk of infectionTHE NIGHT ETERNAL After the blasts it was all over Nuclear Winter has settled upon the earth Except for one hour of sunlight a day the whole world is plunged into darkness It is a near perfect environment for vampires They have won It is their timeAlmost every single man woman and child has been enslaved in vast camps across the globe Like animals they are farmed harvested for the sick pleasure of the Master RaceAlmost but not all Somewhere out there hiding for their lives is a desperate network of free humans continue the seemingly hopeless resistance Everyday people with no other options – among them Dr Ephraim Goodweather his son Zack the veteran exterminator Vassily and former gangbanger GusTo be free they need a miracle they need divine intervention But Salvation can be a twisted game – one in which they may be played like pawns in a battle of Good and Evil And at what cost?

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    Those of you looking for the good old fashioned vampires have come to the right place This trilogy is a scarefest rather than a lovefest No romance just scary supernatural creatures No teenage woe just fighting for survival This is back to basics and any vampire fan needs to get in on this

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    The arrival of a plane at JFK causes the CDC to be called in when all bar four passengers and crew are found dead Dr Ephraim Goodweather identifies a virus and parasitic lifeform that feeds off human hosts and turns them into vampires The war for human survival has begunWith biblical overtones and a story that dwells on a post apocalyptic horror in ways reminiscent of the Holocaust del Toro and Hogan's trilogy is dark but compelling and populated by characters who are for good or ill convincingly human

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    Dug the story but after 25 books I'd had enough Still finished it just to see what happened and I love the tv show Character development was poor and I don't understand why everyone reverently referred to the villain as 'the Master' and how they intuitively referred to the villain as 'it' instead of normally human 'him' or 'her'Also the ridiculous similes got old pretty fast I still can't get over comparing the earth in a vampire's coffin to cake mix WTF And I still want to know what the hell is a 'reverse orgasm' I'm very much sold on avoiding Hogan's books moving forward especially since he refused to admit whether he or Del Toro came up with the cake mix simile

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    Loved the first one which unfortunately ends in a way that reuires seuels Second one nowhere near as good Third one I'd give one star to The conclusion is illogical and seems to negate everything that came before

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    Breathtaking from its beginning A terrific vampire tale where men give their best and their worse to strive and perhaps survive The end is simply like a full packed action movie where you can actually see the fight Very good indeed

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    Good start medium development somehow tired ending I enjoyed reading the story anyway

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    Not particularly original Nothing really stands out in the books as either good or bad It's

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    One of the BEST trilogies I have ever read This set will keep you thoroughly entertained and wanting

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    The first volume is absolutely entrancing The second one drags a little but it's still very good Then the conclusion of the trilogy gives you mixed feelings

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