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Turning forty leaves timid librarian Sophie feeling as though something is lacking in life So when the brilliant and glamorous young artist Clodagh suggests that she should pose nude for her new figure drawing class Sophie overcomes her nerves and agrees She soon discovers that being naked in front of strangers is the thrill she has been looking for and the exposed she is the she likes it But what will her inuisitive 18 year old daughter think of her new hobby?The first part of Sophie's ongoing adventures in artistic nudity this is a slow burning gently humorous exploration of the pleasure of baring all for art and a serious attempt to describe the erotic and spiritual appeal of life drawing classes

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    This story may be way too tame for most erotica fans as it contains no sex scenes but it is my favourite of all the Cassie Caine books I've read There may be no sex but this story of a forty year old librarian discovering the excitement of being the only one naked when she takes up nude modelling for a life drawing class is titillatingWrite about what you know is standard advice to writers and this is what Cassie Caine has done with this story Photographing nudes is her other occupation and she convincingly depicts the nervousness of a first time nude modelThis is not a wild romantic fantasy full of glamorous characters The central character Sophie is a working single mother and the art class is a small group of everyday people being instructed by Clodagh an artist with a passion for promoting the uninhibited enjoyment of nudity and its depiction in art Sophie is a very easy character to relate to and I found myself completely wrapped up in the excitement of her adventure into public nudity I couldn't put the book down Beyond the mild sauciness of a woman discovering that she likes to be naked in front of people who are clothed and that she enjoys being ordered around by a sexy clothed woman when she is the nudity theme also works as a metaphor for losing inhibitions and learning to be one's true self and in that way the story is exhilarating and even perhaps inspirationalClothes made people hard and armoured Crouched naked among the clothed she felt as delicate and graceful as a woodland animal It was a scary feeling but also a delicious one and for the first time in years she fell head over heals in love with her skinny little selfThis is only the first of a planned series of books about Sophie and her adventures and I anxiously await the next volume This may be a slow burn story compared to some of the author's raunchier works but I can just imagine some of the sexy situations towards which she might be building

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    The writing here is wonderful so why only three stars?It's because what we have here is a brilliant introduction to a book Proper fully rounded characters are introduced events are set in motion and various tensions and mysteries are set up• I want to know how the relationship between Sophie and Clodagh develops• I want to know how Sophie manages the situation with her daughter Beth• I want to know if Sophie's decision to break out of her dull safe but boring rut is going to have conseuences in her workplace• I want to understand the motivation for Barry and Linda taking the class as a couple• I want to understand why Rachel is so uncomfortable in a class she has presumably chosen to attend• I want to know how the incipient friendship rivalry between Annie and Beth develops• I want to know about Leslie – the one character in the group that hasn’t really been developed a little yetBut I don’t get to find out because just as it should start to get interesting the book ends Come on Ms Caine – finish the job

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    Without the mother daughter part of the story I'd probably be uite happy to give the story a solid five stars That dynamic though veered the story away from where it might have gone and uite frankly annoyed me Not enough to lower the rating from 5 to 4 but maybe enough to lower it to 4 12 if we had 12 stars on this website