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Food is so much than what we eat The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage is an anthology of original essays about how we learn and relearn to eat and how pivotal food is beyond the table Without mantras or manifestos twenty nine writers serve up sharp sweet and candid memories; salty irreverence; and delicious original recipes Just like you these writers are parents husbands wives children and caregivers trying to feed their families and nourish their lives—pull up a chair and dig inWith essays from Keith Blanchard Max Brooks Melissa Clark Elizabeth Crane Aleksandra Crapanzano Gregory Dicum Elrena Evans Jeff Gordinier Caroline M Grant Phyllis Grant Libby Gruner Lisa Catherine Harper Deborah Copaken Kogan and Paul Kogan Jen Larsen Edward Lewine Chris Malcomb Lisa McNamara Dani Klein Modisett Catherine Newman Thomas Peele Deesha Philyaw Neal Pollack Barbara Rushkoff Bethany Saltman K G Schneider Sarah Shey Stacie Stukin Karen Valby

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    I'd love to know why this anthology started with one of the weakest pieces and was narrated by a man when the majority of the pieces were written by women These two things nearly made me give up on it early but but I persevered and whilst the collection was weak overall with too many similar pieces in the final section I did enjoy Lobster Lessons by Aleksandra Crapanzano From the Land by Max Brooks although probably because I grow my own food too and it was an interesting look at his parents Anne Bancroft Mel Brooks I loved the idea of Mel Brooks fussing over his tomato plants and most of all Talk with Your Mouth Full by Catherine Newman which reminds me of my own experiences of motherhood although the perfect date is rare whilst the wondering would you ever have a normal meal again was less so

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    Loved it Was one of the books I took with me while backpacking around Europe last year and finished it in a matter of days despite trying to make it last longer The variety or stories are wonderful and its a great read