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September 314 AD and once death strikes the sprawling streets of Imperial Rome in Paul Doherty's new Claudia novelWhen two prostitutes are found murdered their bodies ripped open and their right eyes gouged out it's feared a notorious killer the Nefandus has returned Rumoured to be an imperial officer he once waged bloody murder amongst Rome's prostitutes but vanished before his identity could be discovered Has he reappeared or is someone working in his guise?Desperate to retain order the Empress Helena turns to her most trusted agent Claudia Helena commands her to discover the truth behind the Nefandus before Rome descends further into chaos and confusion

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    Този път ударих на камък в малката Дохърти лотария която си разигравам литературноПрескочих две книги от поредицата защото идеята за сериен убиец в древен Рим ме заинтересува доста И ако самата сюжетна линия с убиеца на проститутки беше добре изпипана то така типичните странични мистерии определено не бяхаНяма да правя синопсис защото анотацията е доста добра и подробнаПрез цялото време имах чувството че този сценарий е за друга серия от автора примерно за средновековна Англия и е поримчен вече има в последния момент Загадката с убийство в заключена стая не пасваше хич на римската обстановка а и вече съм я чел рециклирана и къде по добре стояща в „Домът на гарваните“ а малката Клавдия през цялото време се държеше като коронер – открито обикаляше и разпитваше заподозрените със заповед от самата Елена А манията по реликви още преди да са заздравени темелите на християнската църква ми се стори малко насилена и също извън времето на разказаКнигата има и всички обичайни за Дохърти слабости – анахронистични диалози разхвърляни описания слаби главни героиГолям плюс са обаче историческите бележки които се появяват накрая – нещо за което мрънкам от както съм почнал да чета автора И явно наистина е имало сериен убиец в древен Рим само че доста по различен от описания – това вече е нещо което си заслужава ровене

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    Pros Fast read Intriguing characters The author brings Ancient Rome to lifeCons The storyline dragged a little in the middle

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    Doherty doing a copycat? Copy that A killer slicing and dicing prostitutes mutilating them sending taunting letters to the police Oops Sorry To the vigiles Unfortunately Jack the Ripper ain't Jack the Ripper without London fog and Dickensian sualor And searching for the tomb of Peter the Galilean isn't all that exiting either So no Plot wise this is very weak You don't care for anyone or anything the closed room murder routine is getting to be just that routine and the fun and charm from installment two and three is gone with the proverbial wind Which leaves us with what? With Doherty's usual appetite for sadistic and extreme violence this time totally unchecked When in doubt burn someone alive It made me nauseous and depressed let me tell yaThe cover was nice but apart from that I'm glad the series over

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    Doherty sets this book nearer the end of the Roman era with a look at why they gave up on Rome and tried to move everything away to Constantinople to make a fresh start Murder and mayhem in the labyrinthine streets of Rome uite revealing of the era and people

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    3rd book in a series of crime novels taking place in 3rd Century Rome in the reign of Emperor Constantine and his mother Helena The book's protagonist is once again Claudia Helena's spy and proto detectiveThe plot again involves early Christians and the power games they are involved with in a Rome governed by the first Emperor sympathetic to at least not antagonistic to their faith Unfortunately Paul Doherty has not been able to come up with an exciting plot and the book reads like the earlier two There is a lot of detail possibly accurate since Doherty is an Oxford history graduate about Ancient Rome but little life in the story

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    c2008 Following through his myriad of offerings The plots all seem vaguely familiar with a seemingly impossible murder in this case a murder in a room that was locked and no other entrance However despite this I still did not guess the real villian Nice easy reading It was bat wing time between light and dark the strange hour when the day's work was done but that of the night had yet to begin

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    Just a straight forward mystery although it was pretty obvious who the killer was I like his books because I like the historical settings and the brief historical setting explanations at the back Entertaining but not a must read by any means Plus that puts me back onto the a book a day pace for the 100

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    Just a book An easy to read easy to digest bit of a mystery Wouldn't exactly make me race out and buy another of Paul Doherty's books this was my first but because it was so simple and harmless if I saw one by him on a special in a bookstore I'd likely buy it For it's appeal as a uick read A perfect option on those days when I didn't feel like putting too much brain power into reading

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    Interesting It was like Jack the Ripper in Ancient Rome That was one part of it The other part was searching for the tomb of Saint Peter at the Vatican with murder involved There there was all the politicking of the capital of the Empire being moved to Byzantium Very interesting