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Abandoned by his professional cyclist father as a toddler Bradley Wiggins rose from an inner city background to become a prodigious talent World Junior Champion World Champion and Olympic Champion were all titles he earned at a startlingly young age but what he really wanted was success on the road “Wiggo’s” reinvention on the path to becoming Britain’s first Tour de France winner in than 100 years of racing is one of sport’s most uplifting and inspiring stories This captivating and insightful narrative journeys with Wiggins as he races along the thousands of kilometers of French tarmac and tells of his brutal procession from Liege to Paris in counterpoint to his fascinating life From a Kilburn council estate to the Champs Elysees via the Olympics the legend of Bradley Wiggins is unraveled here like never before

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    Het verhaal van Wiggins' Tour in 2011 die hij won afgewisseld met gebeurtenissen uit zijn verdere leven Het boek sluit met de winst van de Olympische tijdrit in LondenVlot verteld en vooral leuk voor wielerliefhebbers die de hele Tour van 2012 nog eens willen herbeleven nalezen Wil je echt meer weten over de mens achter de renner zou ik toch het boek 'Bradley Wiggins My Time' aanbevelen

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    A journalistic look at Wiggo's 2012 Tour de France and racing career leading up to that point If you're a fan and watched every day of the Tour with bated breath like me you'll probably really love it It brought every stage back vividly If you've watched the Tour for a while it'll be even better as you'll remember the earlier years described too If you're new to cycling this won't be uite as evocative but still a worthwhile read As a big British cycling fan I loved it

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    If you followed Le Tour on television then you'll have no need to read this You'll learn nothing new On the other hand if you missed chunks of it or indeed all of it then this is a great way of catching up on perhaps the greatest British sporting triumph of the past 50 years

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    Was ok Basic account of Wiggins winning the Tour stage by stage with bits of his life tacked on to the end of each chapter But the proofreading seems to have been terrible with a number of basic errors slipping through and it gets a bit fanboyish at times510

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    Great read Structured around Bradley's 2012 Tour de France win stage by stage interspersed with his life story I loved the format and the anecdotes Lots of British color and humor that I probably missed though with references and personalities

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    Such a well written story of a great achievement

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    A well written straightforward description of the 'Bradley Wiggins' 2012 TDF and the lead up to it Good stuff for anoraks